To Brock Turner’s Father

to brock turner's father

Dear Dan Turner,

I read the letter you sent to the Stanford Professor, in regards to your son.

And frankly, one of the questions I had, in regards as to HOW your son thought that sexually assaulting an unconscious woman was acceptable, became clear.

He thought it was ok, because you obviously do as well.

You referred to it as ’20 minutes of action’. I’m really hoping, and praying, that you meant ‘his actions, in 20 minutes’ vs ‘action’ being slang for sex, getting it on.

Because, let’s be clear, here, Dan…your son is a convicted rapist. It wasn’t ‘action’. It was rape. He’s been convicted. He’s gotten a deplorably light sentence, a laughable one, if it wasn’t equal parts horrifying and tragic.

How is cramming his hand inside an unconscious woman, NOT violent? How is using her body, for his whims, not violent? Sexual assault, by its very nature, is a violent act. Doesn’t matter if he didn’t beat the hell out of her. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t put her in the ICU. It matters that he forced himself upon her. She was unable to give consent, Dan. Ergo, he forced himself on her.

That is a violent act.

Not to mention, he was stopped, by two passer-bys. God only knows what Brock would have done to this woman if they hadn’t spotted him, and chased him off of her.

That, in you letter, you bemoan Brock not being able to eat his steak anymore, that he doesn’t have an appetite…well, I have three words for you about that: wah, wah, wah.

What you seem to be missing here, Danny, is that your son is NOT THE VICTIM. He’s the CRIMINAL.

Nobody FORCED him to do what he did. These are HIS actions.

And don’t bother trying to blame the booze, or the party atmosphere. Those were also Brock’s choices to participate in.

HE is the instrument of the destruction of his own goals, dreams, future.

Not the woman who was unfortunate enough to be unconscious when your son decided that he would force himself upon her.

One other thing I notice that you and your son have in common: Neither of you showed any concern at all for the young woman he assaulted. While you’re whining about poor Brock, about him not eating his steaks and snacks, not a word do you give to consider his victim.

Do you consider at all what you’re son’s violation has done to her?

Did you bother to listen, when she spoke in court, about the impact this has had on her?

Your son’s ’20 minutes of action’ has had a destructive impact on HER life. She, who had NO CHOICE in your son’s violation of her body.

Your son bears full responsibility of his actions. And yet, in your letter, you speak of the suffering he’s gone through, as if this is completely undeserved, a shock. You speak of him contributing to the future, and how hard that will be, because he’s now a lifetime register on a sex offender list.

He’s on the list because he’s a convicted sex offender.

He NEEDS to be on that list. He DESERVES to be on that list.

Calling this a situation of alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity is more denial, and again, shows where Brock’s mentality comes from. This had nothing to do with sexual promiscuity. This had everything to do with your son finding a woman, unconscious on the ground, and deciding to sexually assault her.

Nowhere in your letter, nor in your son’s addressing the court, is there any acknowledgement of his actions. I see a lot of DARVO from both of you. DARVO, in case you aren’t aware, stands for Deny Argue Reverse Victim and Offender.

Tell me, Danny, if your daughter, Caroline, had someone’s son do this to her, would you be bemoaning his lack of appetite? Would you be calling it ’20 minutes of action’? Would you think that a jail sentence is inappropriate?

Do you stop to think at all, what message this sends to your daughter? That brushing off her brother’s criminal acts of sexually assaulting another woman tells her that she, as a woman, is unworthy, unimportant, of being protected? That if she were to be attacked, assaulted, you would be on the side of her attacker?

Your son deserves every moment of incarceration ahead of him. He actually deserves MORE. He deserves every day of being on a sex offender list. He deserves every recoil, look of disgust, and shunning by people who realize who he is, and what he’s done.

He’s earned that, with his choices.

And you, Sir, have earned your own. Your letter, whining about how hard this has been on your disgusting son, is going viral. Everyone you know will have read it. They will all know how you feel, that your son is more a victim than the woman he violated. They will hold their daughter’s a bit closer when you, or your son are around. Neither of you can be trusted, having so easily dismissed, and disposed of, the woman whose life your son has irrevocably damaged and changed, that she doesn’t rate single sentence from either of you.

Neither you, nor your son, are sorry for his actions. The both of you have been very clear, both by what you’ve said, and what you haven’t said. Both of you are only sorry for the impact this has had on Brock.

Like father, like son.

I hope and pray that that’s as far as the similarity goes.

One sexual predator in a family is more than enough, wouldn’t you agree?

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To Brock Turner’s Father — 8 Comments

  1. “And don’t bother trying to blame the booze, or the party atmosphere. Those were also Brock’s choices to participate in.”

    Further, literally every single other person at that party was also engaging in the atmosphere, and a large number of them in the booze as well. Somehow, ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE managed to neither rape nor assault anyone else – much less anyone unconscious in alleyways. It ain’t the party, it ain’t the booze. It’s the asshole choosing to violate another human being who was incapable of providing consent. It isn’t the alcohol that made him a rapist. It’s not the party that made him a rapist. It’s the fact that he’s a rapist that made him a rapist.

    • Exactly. Both Brock, and his father, are blaming the booze.


      Although, I genuinely suspect they’re blaming the booze in the way of, “Well, if she hadn’t been passed out…” rather than, “Brock was drunk…” b/c it’s always the victim’s fault for some ppl.

  2. karma’s a bitch. I hope Brock get’s to feel the same pain as the young lady from a bunch of fellow inmates. His father and their family are disgusting…

    • It’s pretty much a guarantee that he’ll be in either protective custody, or a minimum, ‘posh’ prison, given that he’s received 6 months, which means he’ll likely see three. He’ll have more protection than she did.

  3. The apple did not fall far from the tree. It makes one wonder what skeletons the father has in his closet. Really. As much as I love my sons, there simply would not be a letter of any kind of defense on their behalf if they did this to someone. Would.not.happen. I have to think the dad may be a total slime as well.

    • I have zero clue as to the father’s conduct. All I can say is that his thinking in this situation, is absolutely inappropriate. I do wonder what he’s taught both of his sons, given what he’s said. I wonder how his daughter thinks of him now.

  4. While I do think that as women we have a responsibility to take some basic safety precautions, that doesn’t mean that we are responsible for being raped any more than a child is responsible for being kidnapped even after they’ve been taught about “Stranger Danger” and “tricky people”.

    I would sincerely hope that if my brothers found an unconscious woman, they would make sure she can’t choke on anything and call 911 or get a taxi and bring her somewhere safe (such as the ER) where she can recuperate. When someone is unconscious you can assume consent to provide them ASSISTANCE. You can NEVER assume consent to perpetrate a violent act on another person. EVER.

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