Back In The Cone Again

Yes, I totally said that in Aerosmith’s, “Back In The Saddle Again” tune. Back in the cone again….

Bazinga, the Wonder Dog, is indeed back in the cone again. The Cone of Shame.

And honestly? It’s a Christmas Miracle that she is. Continue reading

Not Even Appliances Are Safe

The microwave died a few weeks ago.

I didn’t realize how dependant on the dang thing we were, until it was dead.

Now, granted, our microwave tends to be used for defrosting and reheating. But dang it, when you’re automatically planning on having that available when it comes to making supper, be it defrosting meat, or reheating left overs, what a pain in the nether regions to not have that option.
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Not Good Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Ok, This whole Elf on the Shelf thing? I suck at it. I am not a good Elf wrangler. I do not have good Elf on the Shelf ideas. Not in the freaking slightest. Noooope. For today’s wordless Wednesday, I give you the evolution…or perhaps, the de-evolution (regression?) of my Elf abilities. Continue reading

Ho, Ho, Ho…No.

Overall, I’m pretty good with the whole Christmas gig. I mean, the kids and Wolf enjoy the holiday, and that’s the important part, right? And, we’ve so far done a good job at explaining the reason for Christmas, and also been able to keep the ‘gimmies’ to a dull roar, and are working to instill a sense of caring and giving spirit in them. I think we’re doing not too shabby with the holidays.

But there are a few things that make me go, “Ho, ho, ho…No.” Continue reading