Please, Just Shut Up

The devastating events at Pulse Nightclub are still echoing through our minds and hearts. So many people killed, wounded, in mere moments.

Families, friends, lovers, devastated, lives torn apart, tossed to the winds, never to be the same, ever again.

And, with any tragedy of this nature, along comes those who use it to further their own personal agenda. Continue reading

To Brock Turner’s Father

to brock turner's father

Dear Dan Turner,

I read the letter you sent to the Stanford Professor, in regards to your son.

And frankly, one of the questions I had, in regards as to HOW your son thought that sexually assaulting an unconscious woman was acceptable, became clear.

He thought it was ok, because you obviously do as well. Continue reading

Where House You Been?!

*emerging cautiously from the wilds of cyberspace*

I’ve been getting a few emails, demanding, “Where have you been?!” What folks should have been asking is, “Where house you been?!” Yeah, ok, that’s a terrible pun.

Well, when I last posted, the Non Stepford Family was on a house hunt. And it was HELL. I have a few posts coming to detail how terrible it truly was. Continue reading

Son Shouldn’t Date Mom

Ok, I know this is going to be inflammatory to some, but it’s really bothering me.

I’ve seen my news feed on Facebook flood with links to this article, praising the Mom for having her six-year-old son take her out on dates.

He opens doors, pulls out her chair, pays from his allowance, and figures out the tip.

“Teaching him how to treat a lady.” is the idea.

Son shouldn't date mom

Here’s the problems I have with this. Continue reading