Goodbye, Bazinga



I’ll never forget bringing you home. Nobody in the family had ever seen a Bordeaux in person before you came home to us, other than me. I’d known the breed for almost two decades by then, and had wanted one for about as long. Everyone marvelled at how soft you were, “Like suede.” It was love at first sight, for all of us. Continue reading

Bazinga Update, Again, And Again


This will probably be the last update for Bazinga, until after she passes.

It seems that Bazgina has developed an ulcer from the pain meds.

She’s refused to eat so far today.

Vet has rx’d another med, to see if we can get her to eat. If not, we’ll have to let her go very, very soon.

This. Sucks.

If you missed what’s happening, you can read about it here, here, and here.


The appointment has been made for 5pm this afternoon.


Romance, Parent Style

Things are a bit overwhelming, with what’s happening with Bazinga, so please enjoy this article, from Feburary. I promise to write something new soon!

Romance, Parent Style

Romance, Parent Style

Few things tell you how far gone you are into parenthood as an attempt at romance.

1) Your attempt at being romantic starts with, “Are the kids sleeping?” “How long will they nap for?” or, “When is the playdate over?” Continue reading

The Cult Of Patriarchy

cult of patriarchy

With the news of Josh Duggar admitting to having molested at least five girls, some of which were his siblings, there has been one glaring issue that I’ve seen.

His family, fans, and a politician have weighed in talking about how this was a ‘teenage’ mistake. (For the record? Skipping class, smoking, drinking, breaking curfew. THOSE are teenage mistakes. Notice molestation and incest aren’t there.)

And that God challenged them.

They talk about how hard it is for Josh.

About his victims? Continue reading