So, How Was The Move?

Folks have been asking, “How was the move?”

Well, almost a week later, I *think* I can talk about it.

The nasty eye twitch is almost gone. I figure by the time the youngest moves out, I’ll be completely recovered.

Maybe. Continue reading

I Married An Asshole

married an asshole

Someone asked Wolf recently, “So, is your wife excited about the move?”

His response? “Sure, you can call it that. She’s going nuclear and losing her shit every couple of hours. Sure, call it excited.”

And then he came home and REPEATED the conversation to me.

But, that’s not what makes him an asshole. Continue reading

Chaos And Insanity

chaos and insanity

Last week, Wolf flew across country (and Canada’s a big damn country, folks) to look for a rental house for us.

As he drove off the children and I eyed each other, uneasily.

They are all Daddy Addicts. Nothing in their world is quite right when Daddy’s not home. They tolerate (barely) him going to work, merely because the older ones understand the math of “Dad doesn’t work, you don’t eat/get toys/anything good” and the younger ones simply do the Dance O’Joy when he walks through the door.

Anyone remember The Flintstones? When Fred comes home, and Dino knocks him on his back? That’s pretty much the routine, every day, when Wolf gets home, but with kids, not a Dino. Continue reading

It’s Here! It’s Here!

I love my husband.

He came into the house yesterday, grinning¬†that grin. I know that grin. It’s what transformed me from, ‘I’m NEVER getting married, or having more kids!” to being a wife, and having another four.

That grin gets me in a lot of trouble, and causes any hardened resolve to turn into paste. Makes me completely weak in the knees…and the head, apparently. Continue reading