You Know It’s A Migraine When…

Even crying hurts...

Even crying hurts…

This post was originally written in Feb 2012. Having a bad RSD flare up, so thought I’d rerun it, as I’ve also had a migraine in the last week. Yippee for me!

Had the migraine from Hell yesterday.  They’re so much worse and more frequent since RSD.

While I was waiting for death, I had a list run through my head of how to tell you’re having a migraine, so I thought I’d post what I remember of it here.  Please keep in mind that this list seemed perfectly, totally rational at the time… Continue reading

Leaving A Child In A Car Debate

Not my baby, I didn't take the pic, so please don't yell about carseat issues, mmkay?

Not my baby, I didn’t take the pic, so please don’t yell about carseat issues, mmkay?


There’s an article on Salon going around right now, and I posted it to the blog’s Facebook wall, to see what folks thought, and promised them that I’d have a post about it to follow.

So, here it is:

I have five children at home. I understand, completely how much of a hassle it can be to drag wee ones in and out of stores. I do. I get it. I get how it can take longer to get everyone unpacked, into the store, and all packed back into the vehicle than it takes to run the errand. I get how waking up a sleeping baby or toddler is risking the wrath of the howling, shrieking tyrant that emits such noise that you expect small animals to fall down dead in its wake, for ear drums to rupture in every being in a five-mile radius, and for someone to accuse you of torturing the kid with red-hot pokers. Continue reading

Puppetry of the WHAT?!

puppetry of the what


One of the reasons that my marriage works is that my husband never bores me. He comes out with…unexpected…ideas, thoughts, conversations.

Last night, completely out of the blue, *this* conversation happened. Continue reading

Lottery Dreams

If I had a million dollars...

If I had a million dollars…

I don’t know about anyone else, but around here, “What would we do if we won the lottery?” is a bit of a hobby. If not a sport. If it were in the Olympics, I think I could go for Lottery Dreams, and gold medal that puppy.

What would I do if we won the lottery? Continue reading