Dental Surgery

Just a quick head’s up, folks! I’m going to be attempting to get dental surgery this afternoon. For those unaware, I’ve been dealing with a very painful, increasingly worse, dental infection. I was *supposed* to go into the hospital tomorrow to have it dealt with, but due to a paperwork SNAFU, wasn’t able to get things done in time, and the next appt the dentist has? in January.

No way can I manage for that long, without some potentially serious repercussions.

So, I get to try to get this taken care of with just a sedative and freezing.

This freaks me out completely, because a) before RSD, I NEVER froze properly. EVER. b) It’s of course a tooth on my right side that’s the problem…and my right arm that is impacted by RSD. Frankly, this is going to be one huge endurance test, for both me and the dentist. Me, it’s going to be about how much pain I can withstand, before completely losing it and making him stop, and for him, how much reaction he can tolerate before calling it quits. Considering I yelp and cry with just the freezing needle, it’s not going to be pleasant for either of us, not by a long stretch.

It’s going to be bad. No way around that.

I’m just praying I can get through it.

So, I’m not likely to be posting for the next day or two. I’ll try to give a quick message on the Facebook page, so folks will know how it all went. If you’re not following the Facebook page, you can find it here:

Prayers, well wishes, anything positive is more than welcome.

Ack! Questions!

Sooo, my friend Brandyn, over at Life Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Happiness decided that I needed to answer some questions.


I kid. Sorta. I mean, it’s always nice to have someone else ask me questions other than the Minions. Almost all their questions are some variation of, “Mom, can I…” which gets pretty exhausting. Continue reading

Colouring on Daddy

I’ve been laid low with a toothache for the last while. What happens when Minions are bored, and look for something to do?

Well they find the hair markers, for one. These were bought for Princess about a year ago, and haven’t been seen since. I thought they were lost.

First, they did their own hair: Continue reading

Nursing Home Lothario?

I was telling Wolf, with Diva listening in, about an article I read, how a doorman was once asked by an elderly woman if he knew where any vampires were. He looked at her, and she grinned, licked her dentures and said, “Cause I’d like to get me some!”

Wolf and Diva were equal parts amused and grossed out.

I said to Diva, “Yeah, that would be me, in about 40 years.” Continue reading

Remembrance Day 2014

Lest We Forget....

Lest We Forget….

This is a video we watch every year, on Remembrance Day, since it was first released. A Pittance of Time, by Terry Kelly.

Also, there’s a memory I carry with me, every year. I wrote about it a few years ago, and include it here.

God bless all those who serve today, who served yesterday, those who are with us, and gone.

Special love to my eldest, who is in the armed forces. Continue reading