Still Sick

Hey folks!

No, haven’t disappeared, just still dealing with sick kids, and now a sick me. Plus, I broke a stinking molar. Yay. Somehow writing isn’t all that easy when the entire right side of your head is trying to slide completely off.


Wolf and I were sitting out back, enjoying the fading hours of summer, and watching our neighbour.

No, we weren’t skulking around in bushes or anything creepy. Neighbour was up on his roof.

Vacuuming out his gutters. Continue reading

Going On A Murphy Hunt

I swear, I’m going to hunt down that Murphy, of Murphy’s Law, and when I find him, I’m putting his head on a pike.

Or mounting it on my wall. Over my bed.

Either way, HE’S GONNA PAY.

Gonna get that Murphy, and feed him to the wildlife

Gonna get that Murphy, and feed him to the wildlife

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Poverty, This Side of the Border

When agreeing to do the SNAP challenge, I mentioned that Canada doesn’t ‘do’ food stamps. I said I would find out the numbers that would be representative of poverty on this side of the border.

I received that information yesterday…and I’m here to tell you that there’s no way I would ever deliberately attempt to follow the same numbers here. Nope, nope, nope. The SNAP challenge is actually *easy* in comparison, in my humble opinion.

Ok, so here’s what I found out. Continue reading