Skanky Coconut Oil?

I’m really, REALLY glad that we no longer have a townhouse, or live in an apartment. Because, frankly, we’d be in deep doo doo if anyone casually overheard the conversations Wolf and I have.

I mentioned the ‘plotting the perfect murder’ conversation.

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Confessions of a Blacklist Junkie

Wolf and I started watching Blacklist this fall.

Yes, we were late to the show, but that’s pretty typical for us. In fact, it’s somewhat amazing that we manage to catch a show before it’s been off the air for years. If it wasn’t for the ability to PVR, we’d be totally screwed, because where we live, we’re caught between time zones for when it’s being aired. It’s either on at 8pm, which doesn’t do us a dang bit of good, since that’s when the Middle Minions are going to bed, and impossible to actually watch anything at that time, or it’s on at 11pm, which means Wolf is usually crashed out. Granted, he tends to be drooling, slumped over on the couch more than actually in bed, but asleep is asleep.
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It’s All Bloggess’ Fault

Being a devoted fangirl (well, as devoted as I can be, considering the one-armed, homeschooling, raising five Minions gig I’ve got going on) of the one, the ONLY, The Bloggess, I was reading at her site today.

Only to discover that today was ‘Dress Your Pet Up Day’. (Her post is here)

At first, I thought it was ‘Dress Your Cat Up Day’, but noooooooo, it’s Pet.

And, as we all know, I have a pet. Bazinga the Wonder Dog.

Do you have any idea how HARD it is to dress up a 130 lb dog? DO YOU? Continue reading

Dangers of Being Married to a Writer

Our conversations just aren't normal...

Our conversations just aren’t normal…

Actual conversation that happened between Wolf and I:

Me: “So, I think I’m going to talk to the Dr about how to kill someone. What meds you could give them to cause a heart attack that wouldn’t be evident.” Continue reading