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Jian Ghomeshi

Big in the news here this week are the allegations that Jian Ghomeshi, host of a popular radio show on CBC is accused by eight women (originally it was four, but more have come forward, and I suspect, more will emerge as the days go by) of sexually assaulting them.

I think what bothers me most, aside from the obvious that women are being preyed upon and assaulted, is that once again, power is the thing. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: No.

Things that make me say, “No” is the theme of today’s Wordless Wednesday.

This is what happens when I vacate my computer chair, for any reason. Continue reading

I’m Going To Get Arrested

I'm thinking the Amish have it right...

I’m thinking the Amish have it right…

Seriously folks, start gathering bail money, because I’m going to get arrested. Cause of a kid’s show.

Actually, technically, I believe it’s a ‘short’…one of those things they play between shows. Continue reading

Before Coffee

I should never be expected to do ANYTHING before caffeine. Ever.

I should never be expected to do ANYTHING before caffeine. Ever.

You know, being a Mom in a large family has a lot of good things about it. I love and adore my Minions. But every now and then, they demand things of me before coffee that no human being should ever be expected to do.

Today is one of those mornings. Continue reading

Pooping Charms?

Way back when Diva was a wee thing, I remember standing in the aisles of a toy department completely baffled. Diva had just turned one, and I wanted to get her a doll for Christmas.

A saleswoman came up to me, and asked if she could help.

“Sure. Do you have any dolls here that DON’T do more than my one year old?” Continue reading