Glamma?! No. Just…No.

I face palm every time I hear it...'Glamma'

I face palm every time I hear it…’Glamma’

I’ll never forget the first time.

There I was, innocent as can be, when Wolf met up with a coworker and the guy’s wife. I was noticably pregnant, and his wife was just soooo excited, telling me that her daughter was expecting too!

“I’m going to be a Glamma!” She trilled. Continue reading

Hands Off The Sweat Pants, Eva Mendes

#1 Cause of divorce? Really?!

#1 Cause of divorce? Really?!

What the heck is it this week? Has everyone that has the attention of the media all lost their ever lovin’ minds?

Tuesday, it was Kim Kardashian talking about baby making sessions fifteen times a day.

Last night, I was greeted by Eva Mendes talking about sweat pants being “the number one cause of divorce in America”

Seriously, Eva? SERIOUSLY?! Continue reading

Give It A Rest, Kim Kardashian

Even rabbits are saying, "That just aint right"

Even rabbits are saying, “That just aint right”

Lately, my window to the world, aka Wolf, has been filling me in on Kim Kardashian news. I’m considering duct taping his head shut.

First, there was the news that her husband, What’s-His-Face, plastered nude pics of her on Twitter, to celebrate her having 30 million followers.

Then…Apparently K and K are trying for another baby. Continue reading

Uterus Of Mass Destruction

Power...the POWER!

Power…the POWER!

This has been one heck of a week for me. My first ever post as a Huffington Post blogger went up on Tuesday, in the parenting blog section, and then today, another post was featured on Huffington Post Women. Busy, busy week!

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting what happened. Continue reading