YNAB Review And Giveaway

YNAB Review and Giveaway

Time for the YNAB (You Need A Budget) review and give away!

*One armed Kermit flail*

Yaaaaay! Another give away! I love free stuff, I gotta be honest. Free is good. Unless it’s the Minions cooties and germs. They can quit sharing that crud any time.

Moooving on.

Back on June 1st, I embarked on a journey of near insanity, deciding to tackle budgeting, meal planning and homemaking. Together. It has been an interesting journey, *especially* where budgeting is concerned. I learned that I had far more dark feelings about managing out money than I ever suspected. Living on the ragged edge of broke for most of my adult life, it leaves a mark. Which makes sense, even though I was firmly in denial about it. Knowing that  psychiatrist would take forever, not to mention cost a small fortune (and we need to save, dang it!) I knew, at the very least, I needed some sort of budget program.

It needed to be simple. It needed to be easy to use, easy to understand, and willing to forgive.

Enter You Need A Budget (YNAB)

One of the first things I liked about it was just looking things over, I could figure out the basics for using the program. So, simple.

But, what I *loved* is that YNAB offers both online, interactive classes, *and* recorded ones. So, you have a chance to walk through things, step by step, ask questions, and really understand what is going on, and how to make this work.

And, even better? They’re all FREE. Seriously. And, as I already said, I love free. Best. Price. Ever.

What really, *really* made me go, “Oh, yeah…Love me some YNAB” was a handy-dandy little feature on the program called, “Make A Fresh Start” Seriously. These folks *know* that when you’re first learning to budget, you can screw it up bad enough that you need to toss what you’ve done aside, and start over. I did. And they provided for that event.

Seriously, that impressed the heck out of me. I didn’t feel like an idiot, because obviously, other folks needed fresh starts too! How reassuring is that?!

So, here’s the gig: personally, I love it, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, but *especially* to someone, who, like me, has hang ups about budgets. There was a time, not that long ago, where I avoided budgeting like the plague. I mean, I still *did* it…but in my head, and by keeping track of my chequing account. We didn’t have enough money to really budget, because no matter what we did, it was covering the basics. Period. Now, we’re in a place where we have a bit of wiggle room (and seriously, when you go from so broke you can barely afford to pay attention to a bit of extra money after your bills are covered, it doesn’t matter if its only $5 extra, it feels incredible!) I needed to know where the heck our money was going. YNAB helped me figure that out, and figure out how to set a reasonable budget.

Sticking to it is our challenge, and unfortunately, YNAB doesn’t offer a live in service where someone else controls your cash for you, so that you don’t overspend.

So, now the give away! Win the YNAB software! Value: $60

Good luck, and remember, you can enter each day, by leaving a comment on posts!

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