Wordless Wednesday: No.

Things that make me say, “No” is the theme of today’s Wordless Wednesday.

This is what happens when I vacate my computer chair, for any reason.

Wordless Wednesday: No

Usurping the throne. That’s MY spot!

Then, there’s the choice of play mediums. No, playing in dog kibble is not acceptable. I don’t care if the bag does say, “and Bits”, this is not the kind of bits that Bazinga the Wonder Dog needs.

Wordless Wednesday: No

Not the ‘Bits’ they meant, Terror Toddler!


Then, I got a big old, “Screw you!” from Mother Nature yesterday.

Wordless Wednesday: No

No. Snow is NOT ALLOWED until after Halloween. Even better, Christmas Eve.

I’m seriously thinking of building myself a blanket fort, and refusing to come out until sometime next spring.

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