Winter Is MIA

Wolf and the kids are serious winter sports fanatics.  Skating, sledding, snowball fighting, building snow forts and snow men…it’s all apparently neccessary for their mental and physical well being.  (It’s only budget constraints that keep them off ski hills, not my threats of heart failure at watching my children hurtle down the side of a mountain with fibreglass strapped to their feet.)

Me?  I huddle inside, under a blanket and make hot chocolate for when they come in half frozen.

This winter, there’s been a problem.  Namely, winter has gone MIA.

Normally, by this time of year, we’re getting temps of -30C (down to -50C with wind chill) and snow.  Last year, it was the most snow in I don’t know how many decades, and we had one day that we were the coldest city on the planet.  Eeeep!

So far this winter, we’ve struggled to even hit freezing.

Personally, I’m loving it.  Cold weather makes me miserable, a large part due to RSD levels rising.  That, and frankly, freezing isn’t fun in my books.

The kids and Wolf are whining.  Their skates have barely touched ice this year.  We’ll get one day below freezing, and the next will be above, turning whatever outdoor rinks into slush piles.

Wolf’s been commenting about global warning.  I think the reason is closer to home than that.

See, the kids received sleds for Christmas.  I think that’s had a direct impact on the lack of snow.  Murphy’s Law being what it is.

Tazzie’s been adding in pleas for ‘lots and LOTS of snow!’ to his bedtime prayers.  I caught him out in the yard today, hugging his new sled and whispering promises of snow covered hills.

If winter doesn’t make an appearance soon, I fear for my husband and children.  I caught Wolf googling, “How to make snow” with a maniacal gleam in his eye and muttering to himself this morning.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope it snows soon!

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