When A Friday Morning Is A Monday Morning

As a homeschool parent, your days can kind of blend together. 

At least, *mine* do, at times.

This morning definitely felt like a ‘Monday’ to me.

“You need to talk to your son.” I informed Wolf this am.

“Which one?” he asked, completely unconcerned. He never really takes anything I have to say seriously when I’ve been awake under 60 seconds, and haven’t had caffeine. Silly man.

“The youngest.”

“Oh?” Despite himself, he’s interested now. “What did *he* do?”

“Freaking dating an assassin’s daughter. Talk to him. Good homeschool boys do not hook up with assassin’s daughters.”

Note to self: No matter how cute John Cusack may be, watching Grosse Pointe Blank before bed isn’t a good idea.

Then, I could hear Wolf mumbling, “Where’d all the big spoons go? I know there was one, I saw it…”

I sat and smirked. Hey, if he wants to mock my fears of our son hooking up with a hired killer’s daughter, *I* am not about to volunteer that I used the last clean big spoon for my coffee. Take that, unsympathetic husband! Plus, it amused the heck out of me to picture him using a small spoon to eat his oatmeal with. Like, the scene from Beauty and the Beast, where Beast is snarfling food by dribbling it off a spoon into his open mouth? Yeah, that one. *snicker*

But…Murphy’s Law got me back. Always does.

Because, by the time Wolf was walking…well, OK, he was moving a bit faster than a walk…some folks would even say ‘bolting’ for the door this am, he was leaving behind two howling little people. Yep, both babies were going off like air raid sirens. And I was the one stuck, while he ran out the door.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I heard him say, “Have a good day!” and snicker under his breath.

That’s OK. I know where he sleeps.

When a Friday morning is a Monday Morning

Plotting against Wolf…

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