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I get the feeling that this will be a new category...

I get the feeling that this will be a new category…


Every now and then, a friend says, “Hey Imp! Read something you need to look at. Would make a great blog post!”

That’s how I got the news about the dolls pooping charms.

It’s good to have friends, even if they do seem to delight in digusting me.


My friend sent me this

Let me get this straight: McDs is launching a clothing and accessory line.

Pattered in LIFE SIZE Macs.

The article provides pics in the slide show. Rubber boots, long underwear, rain coat, leggings, and bedding. And a dog coat. Frankly, the dog looked completely humiliated.

I wasn’t sure if I should be laughing or gagging, and did both. Lagag? Gagla? Whatever it was, I was doing it.

Especially hilarious was that the video shows a woman jogging, and excercising, while wearing Mac leggings.


Cause I’m thinking, if you’re chowing down on Macs, you’re not going to be working out. Or perhaps she’s working off the Mac indulgence?

Either way, a life size fast food burger, oozing cheese and sauce just isn’t something I ever want to see on clothing or bedding.

The good news is, it’s only available in Sweden. So far.

I’m just praying that nobody gets the idea to make them scratch and sniff.

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What The Heck?! Files — 10 Comments

  1. They hadn’t thought to make them scratch-n-sniff, but now…you just had to say it.

    Why Sweden, though? I guess Scandinavians are a good test market. Groucho Marx always asked, “Will it play in Peoria?” Peoria is in the Midwest, which has a lot of Scandinav–okay I know I’m really going off the deep end here. I blame the pooping dolls.

    • Of course I had to say it. If I hadn’t, how would the entirety of the potenial horror be realized?

      Pooping dolls would gross me out…it was SIFTING through the poop for jewellery that sent me over the edge.

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