What Did You Do To Your FACE?!

Baby Boo isn’t sleeping through the night yet.  He’s getting better, sleeping for four to five hours at a time, even six hours (although that’s only happened when Wolf’s been on night duty.  I’m sure there’s some sort of male bonding/favouritism involved).

So, after being up at night, I’m considerably groggy in the am.  Especially before a few cups of coffee.

Honestly, it’s something of a miracle that I remember to put on pants *and* shirt before leaving my room.

So, there I am, the innocent groggy, pouring my first cup of coffee, and Wolf talks to me from in front of the computer.

I turn my head, pour coffee all over the counter, and yell, “What did you do to your FACE?!”

My husband has a goatee.  I like the goatee.  REALLY like the goatee.  I lends a certain ‘bad boy’ vibe, dangerous…And considering we have five children, a hint of danger and bad boy, (real or imagined) is a good thing.

Although, that may be WHY we have five children, but I digress.


He SHAVED.  Now he only has a moustache.

I *hate* the moustache.  Really do.  And he knows this.

He thinks it makes him look like Magnum.  (As in Magnum PI, Tom Selleck). 

He points out that he’s looking for a new job.  I reply that he’s not looking for a job as a used car salesman. (God forgive me, but that’s honestly what it makes him look like to me).

Diva, hearing this exchange, pipes up, “I *told* you Mom wouldn’t be happy!”

His reason for shaving?  “I was bored.”  Apparently, the man needs a hobby to keep from messing with his face.


The things I wake up to in my house.

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