Week Two Wrap Up: Budgeting, Meal Planning, Housekeeping

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Yes, I know this is supposed to be happening on Sunday, but since Sunday is Father’s Day, and tomorrow is Cubby’s first birthday, I figured I may as well get this up today.

That, and I’m not going to lie to you, my brain is running on empty.  When you find yourself frantically asking the Minions, “You guys did something funny the other day! What was it?” you know it’s not a good blogging day.

Anyways. Moving on.


I freely admit, I’m still struggling on this one. The program, YNAB, is great, but the emotional component of this is still challenging me. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever shake the ‘living on the ragged edge of broke’ fears and anxieties. It’s a completely contradictory thing for me. As long as I’m not tracking our spending, I don’t worry. But, as soon as I start watching every dollar, I internally freak the heck out. Which makes absolutely zero sense, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you think that knowing and planning for every dollar would alleviate worry, not cause it? Well, nobody said I was normal. Ever.

Add in, Cubby’s birthday is tomorrow, Father’s Day is Sunday, and it’s an odd month for spending.

I also failed yesterday. Wolf and I went out for a quick bite to eat. Forty five freaking dollars. That’s not booze or steaks or anything, folks…that’s just living in an area where everything is trucked in, and prices are high. Hence why going out to eat is a major blow to our budget, and needs to be cut out, except for special occasions. I tried to soothe my guilt, because the reality of it was, I was flaring up with RSD, and cooking was more than I could hack. Diva made supper for her and the other Minions, but it was all gluten.

Lame excuses, but there you go. 

So. Budget program is great, I need to work on *sticking* to it.

Meal Planning

As you can see, the meal planning hit the skids this week. Oh, I still stuck to it *mostly*. But not all. I always struggled before when I tried meal planning, because, frankly, there were days where I simply didn’t want to either cook, or eat (or both) what I had planned. And that happened this week. First time, it was because my pain levels were rising, so I grabbed a nap when the babies were sleeping. By the time I was up again, time was too short to make what I had planned.

Thankfully, I was able to swap it out for a ‘quicker’ meal that I’d had planned for another day, and because Wolf had done the major, huge grocery shop, we had everything we needed for it. So, there was a savings, because I could shuffle things around, and not send someone out to the store to grab something that I could just toss in the oven. I’m calling that a success.

Then, yesterday, whoops. Again, pain levels hit. Meal plan was tossed aside, and kids ate some convenience food from the pantry, and Wolf and I grabbed food out.

The other downside I’ve discovered, other than pain levels messing with things, and my innate lack of discipline, is that I need to be more attentive to my planning. For one, planning to pick up produce for the recipes. For two…variety. I found some incredible recipes (I’ll be posting about that next week), but chicken is chicken. No matter how you prepare it. Yes, I got an awesome deal on chicken breasts, but eating it several days in a row? Blech. Of course, nobody else seems to mind, just myself. I can’t honestly say if it’s the *eating* it, or the *cooking* it that I get tired of, or a combination, but I need to be more attentive to switching things up.

On the plus side, I’m trying new recipes, and everyone is really liking it. Wolf, especially, is enjoying coming home to food about ready to hit the table, and it’s not something thrown together at the last moment, in a panic.


I’m flunking myself this week. Completely. I haven’t done a darned thing I was supposed to, and am still bouncing from thing to thing like a demented pin ball. My goal next week is to freaking stick to the plan, dang it.

Week Three Goals

Housekeeping is the major one. Adding a few ‘floater’ meals into the plan is another. ‘Floater’ meals are the quick, easy meal plans that I keep ingredients in the house so that Diva or Wolf can make supper without my involvement, for when pain flares make things impossible for me.

I think teaching the Middle Minions their way around the kitchen should go on the list too. They do help with some prep work (grating cheese, peeling veggies, that sort of gig) but they’re old enough now to start learning more.

I also think I’m going to adjust their chore list. There’s definitely more they can be doing to help out.

If I don’t post again next week, you’ll know there was a revolution, and their coup was successful, and I’m chained and gagged in the Basement O’Doom.

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Week Two Wrap Up: Budgeting, Meal Planning, Housekeeping — 5 Comments

  1. Have you thought about the possibility of cooking once and eating twice? Two ways this can be done: eating leftovers (if your bunch isn't completely against the idea) or, on good days (those where the pain is tolerable), cook two meals and freeze one. It's something I've seen a lot of mom bloggers do. We do the leftover thing, but ultimately, you've got to do what works for you.

    As far as giving the Minions more chores. I say, “Yes!” Training them is going to take some blood, sweat, and tears but trust me – one day, you'll reap the benefits and they are marvelous. (Do you know my kiddos do their own laundry – start to finish? True story. They also do dinner dishes. It's taken a long time to get here, but here we are and whew! Reaping some of what I've sewn. I highly recommend it.

  2. Well, we double pretty much any recipe I find. 2 pans of something in the oven.

    Problem is, w/my family, *sometimes* that means that I have a 2nd pan for the next night. Sometimes, it seems to *just* cover everyone, w/perhaps an extra 2-3 servings.

    I run out of cooking room. Prep space, and oven space. This kitchen has ONE counter. One. Working on the table is only doable to a point, since Cubby can now reach and pull things down if they're too close to the edge, and it's already where the microwave, coffee maker, and assorted other things that are needed in the kitchen but won't fit on the counter live. (Only 2 electrical outlets in the kitchen…wall by the table, and by the stove. Oh, sorry, make that 3, cause the stove has a plug outlet too)

    Minions have chores…but they're getting more. Bwah hahahahahaha! I can't take over the world if they won't even do chores 😛

  3. I am the same with our budget, when I look at our finances closely, everything we buy worries me… if I am oblivious it doesn't bother me at all. It makes no sense! I need to plan floater meals too. It seems like life happens, then my family wants to eat anyway… HA!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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