Week 7 Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homemaking

YNAB Review and Giveaway

Week 7 budgeting, meal planning, and homemaking.

Oy. What a week!

It’s been a huge week for me, in terms of my writing, and this blog’s growth. The post, “10 Questions Not To Ask A Large Family” at Scary Mommy went up on Wednesday. I’ve been blown away by the response. As of this writing, it’s sitting at 61.3k shares on Facebook. That’s just folks that shared it. I don’t know how many folks have actually *read* it. *One armed Kermit flail* It’s a weird, although wonderful, feeling…that people thought what I had to say was good enough to share. And, even more so, that new folks have become readers of the blog. Thanks to all of you who’ve joined us, and I hope to keep you interested enough to keep coming back!

Ok, so I’ve been *completely* distracted this week. Let’s hit the review:


As I mentioned in the review and give away for YNAB, I love this program. I totally goofed this week though, being so distracted, and didn’t stick to the decrease in spending that I’d planned on. Adjustments were made, and we’re going to be reducing the spending this week. The good news is, I should have one credit card cleared off in another couple of pay cheques. Bad news is, I wanted that done by now…but progress is progress, and I’m pleased to see *any*.

Meal Planning

Well, I did the planning part, no problem. The execution has been lax. The weather here has been miserably hot, and we have no air conditioning at all. So, instead of my meal plans on a couple of days, we bought a whack of fruit, some cheese and cold cuts, and did a cold platter. Another night, Wolf barbecued, and then on Wednesday, I opted to celebrate with some take out. None of which was planned, either on the meal calendar, or budget, but I’m dusting myself off and getting back on it. Tomorrow’s dinner is Slow Cooker Chicken. I’m going to do it up in the morning, so if we have another scorcher, we can make sandwiches, etc, rather than a hot meal. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that find it difficult to eat a regular meal when it’s so miserably hot out.


We discovered an unpleasant fact of life in this house: running the dryer when it’s hot out makes the laundry area about as pleasant as the inside of an active volcano. I’ve been able to throw a load in first thing in the am, and then at night when things cool off…but the problem is, the laundry area is in close quarters with our room and Boo’s room, and heating up that area at all before bed is not a good plan. And, Wolf announced that he thinks the washer may be dying or dead. Perfect.

I’m still dealing with a swollen foot that’s been hampering things as well, big time. No infection, apparently, but swollen all to heck anyways. Looks like a gross potato on the end of my leg. Suspicion is, there was some deep tissue damage, and a bruise is just now starting to emerge. (Aren’t you glad I shared that? Yeaaaah). Still, I did get more done this week than last, so I’m calling that a win too. Oh, and there was the whole cherry issue that took up a load of time as well. So, things were accomplished, just not quite what I’d intended. As the Dali Lama says, “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” No face plants here, but no leaping over buildings in a single bound either.

I feel like the turtle…and always wanted to be the hare.

Goals for this week are to just keep moving. Go, go, go.

And it’ll start with getting Wolf to mop the kitchen floor. One of those things that really can’t be done with one hand (at least not properly) and it’s making me a wee bit nuts.

So, there you have it. Week 7 was an incredible week, as far as the writing and blog goes, and apparently when I’m having some delightful moments in one area in my life, I lose the ability to manage the others to a degree.

‘Balance’ is the new watch word. Geez, being a grown up kinda bites sometimes, doesn’t it? Balance, schmalance. I want to revel in the moment.

I’m reveling, dang it. *One armed Kermit flail*


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