Valentine’s Thoughts

valentine's thoughts

You know, I debated about doing a Valentine’s day post. I honestly struggled with if I should acknowledge it or not.

Cause really, that’s pretty much how I feel about Valentine’s Day, period.

Don’t love it, don’t hate it, just meh about the whole gig.

Maybe it’s because we’re a bit too practical. I’d rather not have Wolf spend money on flowers that the Minions are guaranteed to knock over multiple times before they die and get tossed out. Chocolate? Not a big fan, and may as well wait until after the 14th, and pick it up on sale if it’s something we really want.

Maybe it’s because I’ve come to realize that the media of version of romance doesn’t work for us. I mean, we tried the whole romantic getaway gig, and thigh highs becoming slouch socks was just a small part of the chaos that ensued.

My version of romance? Getting to sleep in. THAT is a gift, in my world, because neither of the younger two Minions are dependable about sleeping through the night.

I’d rather have another pair of footie jammies than slinky lingerie. At least when the kids see me in footie jammies, they’re not going to need therapy to deal with it.

Maybe it’s my inner Impness. The whole, ‘you can’t tell me what to do!’ thing. Darned if I’ll be romantic because the calendar says it’s time to be!

Or maybe…maybe it’s that I’ve matured. As creepy as that thought is to me.

When I was younger, and single, Valentine’s day was fraught with anxiety and stress. If I wasn’t dating someone, it was like a spotlight on my single status, being lonely, wondering if I was ever going to be in a long-term relationship. If I was dating someone…Lord have mercy, the pressure. I bought into the whole media hoopla of what romance and love is supposed to be. And let’s not forget ‘helpful’ comments from folks who liked to remind me that after 30, I had a better chance of dying in a terrorist attack than getting married. Gee, what a lovely thought that is.

Bad Imp. Bad, bad, bad.

Which is where the idea of maturity comes in. I’ve come to realize that romance can be a husband allowing a strange woman to spray paint his chest in public. That it can be making each other laugh over antics of the kids, or just our internal, twisted monologue. Singing along to the same song on the radio, on the way to get groceries. Bringing home my favourite Timmies coffee, because he knows I love it.

Sending me for a nap, because my pain levels are climbing. Helping me do two-handed jobs that I can’t manage now.

It’s a million and one details that weaves the fabric of our life together. It’s the dreams we dream together, the children we raise, the every day mundane details, the special moments that happen without planning or intent.

Yeah, Valentine’s Day doesn’t do much for me, at all.

But my life? Being married to my Wolf?

That’s the kind of romance that make me feel loved and special.

Enjoy the love in your world, be it on Valentine’s day or any other. Be it from friends, family, spouses, children, or pets.

Don’t let the media decide for you what romance or love should be, do, look or sound like. Decide for yourself what love is, recognize it, embrace it, enjoy it.

What does love look like for you? How will you spend Valentine’s?

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Valentine’s Thoughts — 11 Comments

  1. Everyone has different feelings about this day, don’t they? I just figure that if I’m still with my husband and in love…we both have God’s love, we love our son – then we’re set! 🙂

  2. Love the comment “…romance…sleeping in”. This is so true. Just let me sleep uninterrupted and wake to a huge mug of coffee with vanilla creamer. The simple things in life!

  3. My sentiments exactly! Valentine’s just comes and goes at our house. With 3 cats, flowers are not on my list of favorite things to deal with. There’s nowhere to put them that they won’t get chewed on or knocked over. It’s more about the simple things for me, but chocolate is always a good thing!

  4. When you have pretty much all you want the other 364 (or 365 in leap years) days of the year I don’t see any need to buy into the idea of buying overpriced roses and candy on one single day. For me Valentine’s Day means that the next day a co-worker will bring in one of those boxes of assorted chocolates, and in about five minutes it will be gone except for the grapefruit caramel log.
    I do enjoy celebrating our anniversary with my wife. It’s our day, and it’s in June, so it’s warmer and not so hard to get reservations.

    • That’s pretty much how Wolf and I feel. Our anniversary is in April, so it’s the same gig. Off season, so if we ever have the ability to travel, it’ll be cheaper, easy to get reservations…and it’s *special* to us. Valentines? Meh.

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