Traumatizing a Princess

Tramatizing a Princess

For those who think that homeschoolers lead perfect lives, prepare to have your mind blown.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m incredibly flawed, and that my children aren’t perfection on two feet.


It seems, about once a week or so, there’s a meltdown here.

Princess is the primary culprit.

Today was over math. And spelling.

See, the kids get up, and usually knock their math off well before 9 am. In fact, Wolf usually supervises their math before he leaves for work. They’re doing multiplication, adding, subtracting, and fractions while I’m still desperately trying to get my coffee cup to my mouth without dumping it down the front of myself.

That’s assuming I’m even awake yet. Some mornings, Cubby lets me sleep a bit, and my family knows better than to wake me if both babies are still sleeping. Every moment of sleep is precious, and can save a life.

Namely, theirs, if they wake me.

So. Tazzie finished his math work book for the year last week. I’m giving him a week or two off, before starting the new set.

Yes, I’m a horrible homeschooling mom, and we go all year round. Otherwise, I find that they lose too much over the summer.

Both Middle Minions were watching TV. So, I announced spelling lesson, to be followed by reading.

We did our usual routine. Go over the teaching part, then spelling dictation. Mistakes get copied out five times each.

Princess had a complete meltdown when it came time to correct her mistakes. Turns out, she hadn’t finished her math yet. Reasonably, or so I thought, I pointed out that she’d been watching TV.

Wailing. Crying. Gnashing of teeth.

Still employing reason and logic, I pointed out that it wasn’t that she had to do *extra* work, she just had to finish one and move on to the other.

Complete hysteria ensued.

She ended up in her room for about half an hour, regaining her sanity, while I continued on teaching Tazzie, and wondering if Princess was too young to be experiencing hormonal mood swings.

Eventually she calmed down, and completed her work.

Took her ten minutes. TEN. MINUTES.

I picture her, in the future, on a therapist’s couch, sobbing about how her evil mother made her to math. And spelling.

God help me when she becomes a teenager. Seriously. Because I’m not confident I’ll get through that time without ending up under my desk, curled up in the fetal position, and sobbing to myself.

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Traumatizing a Princess — 5 Comments

  1. Haha poor princess. I was the big procrastinator in my family. We did the A Beka dvd's and my sis would get up at 4 am and watch all her videos before anyone else was even awake. Then she'd get to sleep in while my brother and I did all of our school. When she woke up she would all her written work and be done before 2 pm. I wouldn't get done until 4 or 5 pm sometimes 6 pm. Lol

  2. Yes, she's *very* hard done by. Just ask her.


    My kids are usually done by noon, the Middle Minons, anyways. One of the things I love about hsing is the flexibility. Once they're done, they're done for the day.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Our prince recently took 2 1/2 hours to do 18 simple first grade math problems. Of course, that included a total of 30 minutes sitting in his room thinking about things he had said. My favorite–“YOU ARE WASTING MY PLAY TIME!” Yes, he yelled at me and yes, he got in trouble for that. Once he finally sat down and did the problems, 15 MINUTES! I'm glad to hear others stories.

  4. HA! I have that same mental image, my daughter sobbing about how I made her clean her room or maybe even (gasp) do schoolwork, and of course her therapist backing her up telling her it is all my fault…

    I think that it is hard to want the kids to excel without upsetting them. We realize their potential, we have experience to back up our desires for our kids, and yet, we are still the parents that adore them. It hurts a little when they are upset, sobbing and fighting us so hard.

    When our girls are teens maybe we can form a support group to get each other through it 😉

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  5. Honestly, I've given up on the whole, 'not upsetting them' thing. Since Diva is a teen, I've long discovered that there are days where the world not turning in exactly, and exclusively in her favour can be a traumatic event. She's still living, and seems to be turning out pretty dang well, LOL

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