The Problem With A Reader

We’re a family of readers, or at least trying to be. The Littles, (which really, need to be referred to as ‘The Middles’ now) aren’t quite there yet, although they love to be read to.

I’m a huge reader. So is Diva. And, I was smart/lucky enough to marry a man that also reads.

And therein lies the problem.

Wolf loves a series by a Canadian author, Donald Jack, called ‘The Bandy Papers’. He started reading them long before I came along, but only owned a couple. Made for super easy gifts, getting him the rest of the series.

Like any reader I’ve ever known, he goes back and rereads his favourite books.

The premise of the books is the lead character, Bartholomew W. Bandy becomes a fighter pilot in WWI. It’s a wonderfully written, hilarious series. I won’t get into plot details, b/c I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be curious about the series, but to give you an idea, he describes an superior at one point as the man having ‘fine, childbearing hips’, and ends up chasing another superior across a meadow…Superior is on horseback, and Bandy is in his plane.

One of the books is called, “This One’s On Me”.  This is the cover of the book, on the Chapters website
This One’s On Me

As you can see, the cover has a woman in a state of undress, w/out actually *showing* anything.

However, when you have kids in the house, that’s more than enough.

Princess discovered this book, and started yelling about “Daddy has a naked lady book!” I thought we had that sorted out…

Until she thought it was a great conversation starter w/a cashier. “My Daddy reads a naked lady book!”

Trying to explain that no, it wasn’t Playboy, it was a novel by an award winning Canadian author…well, folks don’t really believe you.

(And, ftr, there is no adult scenes described in the book.)

I’m thinking about papering the cover of the novel…

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The Problem With A Reader — 5 Comments

  1. There must be multiple covers for the book. When I searched for it on Amazon, it was a hand holding a martini. I think alcoholism would be much easier to explain than nekkid ladies 😉

  2. The books have been reprinted several times. The one w/the woman on the cover is the most recent (aka you can find the dang thing, and not have to sell a kidney or small child to afford it!)

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