The Challenge of Being Me

So, other than the Impish quirks I have, personality wise, there’s a few other quirks I possess that can make life a wee bit more challenging than average.

Migraines are certainly one of them. I did a post here (You Know It’s A Migraine When…) about the stages of a migraine. 

The only thing worse than a migraine, in my opinion, is RSD flare ups. 

For those unaware of RSD, you can get the formal description here. Or, you can just take my description as being accurate.

Basically, the nerves in my right hand and arm are on hyper alert, and misinterpret all stimulus as pain.

And sometimes, with or without known cause, they can just go crazy off the charts with pain. Known causes are: stimulus (being touched, bumped into), weather (drastic changes), damp, and stress.

Yesterday was due to damp. Basically, my arm felt like a rotted tooth. Or, as I said to Wolf, like the nerves were on the outside of my elbow, like a frayed phone cord.


All of this to say, if I disappear from blogging now and then, chances are, it’s an RSD flare up, so check back. I haven’t disappeared, just down for the count, temporarily.

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The Challenge of Being Me — 19 Comments

  1. Hope you can stay healthy and pain-free longer than normal this Spring. No fun not being able to do things you enjoy due to pain. I know how grouchy I was last year due to a painful pregnancy. Hubby said no more pregnancies. Yes to more kids just not to the misery and grouchiness!

  2. My last pregnancy was very diffcult, including having to get my gallbladder removed at 23 wks! Pregnancy pain is awful!

    Unfortunatley, the nature of RSD means I'm never pain free. It's just a question of how bad it will get, any given day.

    Thanks for coming by!

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