Terror Toddler Throw Down

Welcome Readers, to Terror Toddler Throw Down!

Terror Toddler Throw Down

Get ready to battle!

“In this corner, weighing about 20 pounds (more, depending on the state of his diaper), we have Cubby, the challenger! With his quick movements, mischievous gleam in his eye, and his Daddy’s smirk, he’s a serious threat to the Terror Toddler title!

And in that corner, we have the current reigning Champion, Boo! Outweighing the challenger by a good ten pounds, and with over a year of experience on the young one, he’s not going to give up his reign of terror easily!

Let’s watch the match…”

Terror Toddler Throw Down

Laptop go BOOM

“Ooooh! Cubby takes a giant lead, trying to teach the lap top to fly! Wow, look at that damage! Listen to Mom yell! Even Diva, the one that defends Cubby when he gnaws on other family members is unhappy with him!”


Terror Toddler Throw Down

Favourite mug, destroyed!


“Cubby strikes again! Oh no, Terry, is that Mom’s favourite mug?”

“Why, yes it is, Harry!”

“Oh, Terry, that’s gotta hurt!”

“Yes indeedy, Harry! Mom bought that mug at a local fall festival, and it’s hand thrown pottery! She can’t replace that locally!”

“This just in, Terry…Mom’s discovered that the potter doesn’t ship their product! She can either pick a mug up hours away, or go without!”

“Oh, bad luck for Mom! Bonus points gotta be given to the challenger, though, Harry!”

“I don’t know how the current reigning champion can possibly top this one, Terry! It seems like the challenger is going to take over!”

“I don’t know, Harry…remember, Boo has a year more in the position, you have to look at the big picture…”

“What’s this? A last minute entry from Boo….”

Terror Toddler Throw Down!

Now, that’s a makeover!

“Oh, now that’s some nice work, Terry.”

“Indeed it is, Harry. And, since it’s caused Princess to shriek like the wailing of the damned, I’m thinking that Boo retains the title. What do you think, Harry?”

“Well Terry, given the time she’s spent crying while trying to scrub the doll clean, I’m going to have to agree with you. Especially when you consider the accompanying door and wall mural.”


Tune in again soon, for the ongoing battle for the Terror Toddler Title!

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