Terror Toddler Terrorism


He’s sweet, cuddly, lovable…and then the mischief light comes on in his eyes, and no good can come from that.

I recognized this look from the first. It’s Wolf’s look. Completely.

Between the two boys, I’m up an average of four times a night. Due to the shoddy construction of our current rental, there’s no way to attempt to let them cry for any period of time, as it’s a guaranteed way to wake up whichever one is currently sleeping. And Wolf to boot.

I don’t know about anyone else, but THREE cranky, sleep deprived males is more than this one Imp can handle.

So. That’s the night shift.

Boo, the resident Terror Toddler, has amped up his game. It’s not enough that he messes with sleep at night…he’s now waking Cubby up during his naps.

Our bedroom door doesn’t latch. Just like the bathroom door. (Did I mention this house is ooooold?) So, all Boo has to do to gain entrance to our room is push. Not a challenge for any mobile toddler.

He will then stand beside Cubby’s bed, babble, shake the side, and carry on until Cubby wakes.

And for Cubby, if he’s had more than ten minutes sleep, is up and ready to roll. In all his cranky glory.

It’s impossible to reason with a toddler. Or, at least, my toddlers. So, trying to convince him to not sneak off and get into my room doesn’t work.

And he sneaks off. He deliberately lies in wait, and plots against me. As soon as I’m in the bathroom, or teaching one of the Middle Minions, he creeps away. Seriously, that child is NEVER silent…unless sneaking into my room.

Baby gate won’t work.

Is it wrong that it crossed my mind that hooking up a bug zapper to my door knob might convince him to leave my door alone?



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