Last Friday!

Frankly, I didn’t think I’d be so happy to see the last Friday in August arrive, but believe me, I’m grateful. I mentioned last week that No Buy August was an exercise in how many times Murphy would show up. … Continue reading

Tormenting the Teen

Every now and then, I get to torment the teen…and life is good. See, Diva, as teen girls often do, has discovered the joys of chatting on the phone. … Continue reading

Heads In A Pot

I swear, normal families don’t have these discussions. There I was, innocently wasting time on a Facebook game, when my hearing suddenly kicked in. See, I have Mom hearing. I can tune things out, unless they’re something my brain deems … Continue reading

They Ate My Breakfast

My family tends to inhale food, without considering that other folks might be mentally planning to indulge themselves as well. Take muffins, for example. I’m not supposed to eat gluten, but I do anyways, upon occasion. I get hungry, dang … Continue reading