Pinterest Envy

I admit it. I suffer from Pinterest Envy. I’ve never been a crafty person, even when I had two working hands. It’s never been my thing. See this? This was the last crafty attempt I made. It’s SUPPOSED to be … Continue reading

Adventures In Home Hair Colouring

There’s a certain reality that comes with dyeing your hair at home, that nobody talks about. It’s a well-kept secret. I’m here to blow that secrecy out of the water, and talk about what colouring your hair at home is … Continue reading

Not Even Appliances Are Safe

The microwave died a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize how dependant on the dang thing we were, until it was dead. Now, granted, our microwave tends to be used for defrosting and reheating. But dang it, when you’re automatically … Continue reading