Before Coffee

You know, being a Mom in a large family has a lot of good things about it. I love and adore my Minions. But every now and then, they demand things of me before coffee that no human being should … Continue reading

Bazinga The Wonder Dog

Bazinga the Wonder Dog went to the vet’s for her spaying on Thursday. Her surgery was yesterday, but due to work hours, we dropped her off the night before. It was a very strange thing, having no Bazinga in the … Continue reading

The Hospital Kid

The Hospital Kid. Every family it seems, has one. At the Non Stepford House, *I* am the acknowledged Hospital Kid. Someone gets hurt, it’s usually me. I mean, I had the porch roof vomit on my head, for crying out … Continue reading

Tormenting the Teen

Every now and then, I get to torment the teen…and life is good. See, Diva, as teen girls often do, has discovered the joys of chatting on the phone. … Continue reading

Heads In A Pot

I swear, normal families don’t have these discussions. There I was, innocently wasting time on a Facebook game, when my hearing suddenly kicked in. See, I have Mom hearing. I can tune things out, unless they’re something my brain deems … Continue reading