Send The Clueless One

Diva, my sweet girl, is participating in a Medieval Fair this weekend. She’s been sewing her brains out, making cloaks. Like a good Mommy, I’ve been supportive…and have discovered that my darling daughter has inherited my mad organizational skills. Which … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day! See this pic? For me, that’s a moment that captures my motherhood. One of many. Boo, comparing his belly to mine, when I was expecting Cubby. Whether you’re celebrating your mother, or an influential woman in your … Continue reading

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

Yes, yes, I know, Mother’s Day isn’t until Sunday, but Diva gave me her gift yesterday. It seems, that back in November, just after her birthday, Diva emailed American Country Countdown, the show hosted by Kix Brooks. (Yes, we’re Canadian, … Continue reading

Mothers Day For The Motherless

In North America, Mother’s Day is Sunday. We’re inundated by how wonderful, how noble, how fantastically loving and sweet Mothers are. But…what if yours wasn’t? What if your mother was a cautionary tale? … Continue reading

Hands Off The Sweat Pants, Eva Mendes

What the heck is it this week? Has everyone that has the attention of the media all lost their ever lovin’ minds? Tuesday, it was Kim Kardashian talking about baby making sessions fifteen times a day. Last night, I was … Continue reading