Frugal Friday No Buy August

It seems as though the most common question I get asked is about finances. Just last night, when someone found out how many children we have at home, I got the comment, “Well, as long as you can feed all … Continue reading

Beth Budget Bytes Interview

I had the nerve to ask Beth, creator of Budget Bytes, for an interview. ¬†Considering how busy she is, I figured I’d get a polite, “Lady, I’ve got far too much to do!” But to my shocked delight, she agreed.¬† … Continue reading

End of the Month: Budgeting, Meal Planning, Homemaking

If you missed it, you can find Week Three here Well, it’s been another chaotic week Chez the Non Stepford Home. Summer colds. Delightful. First Tazzie, then Princess, then both of the littlest Minions. … Continue reading