Send The Clueless One

Diva, my sweet girl, is participating in a Medieval Fair this weekend. She’s been sewing her brains out, making cloaks. Like a good Mommy, I’ve been supportive…and have discovered that my darling daughter has inherited my mad organizational skills. Which … Continue reading

Things Nobody Told You, Sick Kid Edition

A little while ago, I did a post about what parenting essentials that you’d need that nobody told you about, and another on parenting survival tips. Today, I’m adding to the list. Since both Terror Toddlers are sick right now, … Continue reading

Cartoons Are Hazardous To My Health

There seems to be a growing trend in children’s cartoons, and frankly, it’s affecting my mental health, and also those around me. I first noticed it with a certain cartoon character that we call at the Non Stepford House as, … Continue reading

I’m Going To Get Arrested

Seriously folks, start gathering bail money, because I’m going to get arrested. Cause of a kid’s show. Actually, technically, I believe it’s a ‘short’…one of those things they play between shows. … Continue reading