Dr. Laura Is Wrong

  Recently, across my news feed, there was a cartoon from Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s Facebook page, with the caption, “The Mother and Daughter in law can¬†never be equal, nor should they strive to be”. Dr. Laura went on to say … Continue reading

Glamma?! No. Just…No.

I’ll never forget the first time. There I was, innocent as can be, when Wolf met up with a coworker and the guy’s wife. I was noticably pregnant, and his wife was just soooo excited, telling me that her daughter … Continue reading

Failure To Communicate

Captain, Road Crew 36: “What we have here…is a failure to communicate” –¬†Cool Hand Luke I’ve come to realize, that when it comes to extended family issues, so many times it comes down to communication breakdown. A failure to communicate…at … Continue reading

Holiday Hell

Holiday Hell Already its approaching. The holidays. The holidays can be an exercise in endurance for many folks, a circle of Hell that Dante ignored. So, here’s my tip sheet on how to survive the holidays: … Continue reading