Send The Clueless One

Diva, my sweet girl, is participating in a Medieval Fair this weekend. She’s been sewing her brains out, making cloaks. Like a good Mommy, I’ve been supportive…and have discovered that my darling daughter has inherited my mad organizational skills. Which … Continue reading

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

Yes, yes, I know, Mother’s Day isn’t until Sunday, but Diva gave me her gift yesterday. It seems, that back in November, just after her birthday, Diva emailed American Country Countdown, the show hosted by Kix Brooks. (Yes, we’re Canadian, … Continue reading

Diva Speaks 2

Hey, Folks, Imp here. I’m letting Diva take over for today’s post. Granted, I’ll have some comments here and there, though…Bwah hahahahaha! Enjoy the new installment of, Diva Speaks. She’ll be reading along, so feel free to leave her a … Continue reading