Terror Toddler Strikes!

Here’s a truth that a mom to a large family knows, but doesn’t say out loud: It is EASIER to have all the kids at home, than to be left alone with toddlers. Seriously. Diva and the middle Minions went … Continue reading

Parenting Survival Tips

With five kids at home, I’ve been asked about how we manage, being so outnumbered. Honestly, the same way you do when there’s only one child, but with a lot more frequency, possibly some extra creativity, and a lot more … Continue reading

Potty Training Trouble

The time had come. Again. Yesterday, I attemptedĀ to potty train Boo. I had his training pants. With ‘Choo Choos’ on them. From the last time we tried. I had a small vat o’Smarties tucked away in the cupboard for pee … Continue reading