Still Sick

Hey folks!

No, haven’t disappeared, just still dealing with sick kids, and now a sick me. Plus, I broke a stinking molar. Yay. Somehow writing isn’t all that easy when the entire right side of your head is trying to slide completely off.


Wolf and I were sitting out back, enjoying the fading hours of summer, and watching our neighbour.

No, we weren’t skulking around in bushes or anything creepy. Neighbour was up on his roof.

Vacuuming out his gutters.

Still sick

Not my neighbour’s house. But a roof is HIGH, mmkay?

Now, I’ll be honest here…I’ve never seen someone do that before. Is this a normal part of home ownership? Frankly, I couldn’t swear that the houses we’ve lived in before *had* gutters. I looked, this one doesn’t.

So, there’s Neighbour Fella, on his roof. In sandals. Confidently striding about, crouching, leaning…

Me: “You know, I will never do that, right? That’s your job, if it ever needs to be done.”

Wolf: “Yes, Dear, I know.”

I persisted, “Not because I’m lazy. It’s because I’d totally fall off the roof. Or fall through. FALLING would absolutely be involved.”

Wolf: “Yes, Dear, I know.”

Me: “I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic, or have a healthy respect for my innate ability to injure myself.”

Wolf: “If anyone can end up in the hospital doing house chores, it would be you.”

Me: “You know, I’d like to act insulted, or protest that, but I can’t.”

Wolf: “Yes, Dear, I know.”

Just because the porch roof vomits on my head, and the icicles whisper threats at me, doesn’t mean that I’m a coward or anything.

Just reasonably cautious is all.


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Still Sick — 2 Comments

  1. DH cleans out the eavestroughs at our house when they need doing. But we have an agreement that he is ONLY to do it when I am home, and he MUST take a cell phone up there with him. My biggest fear is that if he fell off, if he’s home by himself he might not be noticed, and at least if he takes a cell phone up there he MIGHT be able to call 911 before he hit the ground (and he uses it to call the house to tell me when to come hold the ladder so he can get down).

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