Shower Scheming

Every now and then, one of my kids tries to pull a fast one. This morning, it was shower scheming.

Tazzie was sent to have a bath, or shower. His choice.

Well, he objected. Strenuously. He seems to take seriously, “Boy: Noun. Noise with dirt on it.” Especially the dirt part.

So, he came up with a plan. I’m a bit hazy on the details, but when he came out of the bathroom, only the hair around his ears and the back of his head were damp. I told him he needed to go have a proper shower, and he protested. 


“See? The tub’s dirty! I don’t need to have another bath!”

Uh huh. He’d scrounged up about a half a teaspoon of sand, probably out of someone’s shoes, and put it in the tub as ‘proof’ that he’d been in the tub.

“I’m not tricking you!” he wailed, when I informed him he was going for ‘another’ shower.

“You’re right. You’re not, because I’m not falling for it.”

Shower, take two.

He stormed out of the bathroom, dripping wet. “There! I did it!”

Uh…except you forgot to wash. You still smell like sweat.

Shower, take three.

Of course, the fact that if he’d just taken a proper shower the first dang time he would’ve saved time and energy just doesn’t occur to him. That I’m not that dumb, *and* he’s not my first child just doesn’t enter into his thought processes.



And, in other boy/dirt/pool related news…

Do you know what happens when you have a sandpile in your back yard

Terror Toddler's sandy oasis

Terror Toddler’s sandy oasis

One Terror Toddler…

Shower scheming

And a wading pool? (Fear not, Terror Toddler and Cubby have their own, they don’t share Bazinga’s pool)

This. This is what happens.

Giant mud puddle? Interrupted attempt to create world's largest mud pie?

Giant mud puddle? Interrupted attempt to create world’s largest mud pie?

A giant mud puddle. Or attempt to make world’s largest mud pie. I’m not sure, and Terror Toddler isn’t talking.


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