Shopping Experience

So, made it through the shopping experience. Barely.

Found Diva a lovely dress…a bit more formal than I was thinking, but it looks wonderful on her, and still what I consider to be modest. (You wouldn’t believe the plunging necklines and barely cover yer butt dresses we saw!) Also got her a black shrug to go over, since it’s sleeveless. There was a sale, (thank heavens!) so I got both items for less than the dress originally cost.

Then I spent I don’t want to admit how much to get her a good head band (metal vs plastic…her hair is uber thick) that has rhinestones on it, since the dress also has those on the neck…and shoes.

Wolf told me he didn’t want to know what it all cost. Smart man, LOL!

I came home and died. Arm was flared up, but on top of that, I had the migraine from Hell. Ever since RSD, I get migraines far worse and more frequent than ever before.

I’m so glad I was able to keep it together until the shopping trip and lunch was done. Totally a will power thing. I was in tears on the ride home. Ick.

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