She’s Just Not Right

She’s just not right. She isn’t. There’s something missing in her brain.

She's Just Not Right

She’s cute, sure…

Yeah, I mean Bazinga, the Wonder Dog.

She’s a wonderful pet. Patient as all holy heck, which is what you want with not one, but TWO Terror Toddlers in the house. So that’s great.

But she has no sense of self-preservation. Or any hope of survival skills. As Wolf puts it, “She’s cute. Just not every bright.” I kinda wonder if her mother dropped her on her head as a puppy.

I’ve walked into the room to discover her sleeping on the floor. With BOTH toddlers standing on her head. And she’s sleeping. Of course, I get the toddlers from using her head as a step stool, and she kept sleeping.

Yesterday, Wolf tripped over her. Again, she didn’t wake up.

She also sleeps against doors. So, she gets bumped with the door when people are going in and out. She’ll get up, move…and once the door is closed, go right back to where she was.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, she’s just a weird sleeper. You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

But it doesn’t end there.

I’ve mentioned that she completely fails as a guard dog. That would be enough, but…

When we first got Bazinga, I wanted her on a raw food diet. I’d done loads of research, and raw food diet sounded like an excellent thing. Healthier for the dog, less poop (LESS POOP!) less chance of allergies, the list was long and convincing. And, being a big dog, her life expectancy isn’t very long, as a rule. I wanted to ensure the best, the healthiest choices we could for her, in hopes of avoiding some of the health issues that can happen with her breed, or large dogs in general.

Except…Bazinga didn’t know what to do with raw food.

I wish I were kidding. She seriously wouldn’t eat it. I tried everything. Nope. No dice. Kibble, she scarfs down, not a problem, but raw meat? Icky, slimy, stinky, not been processed, raw meat? She turned up her pushed in nose at it.

A dog that won’t eat meat. Seriously?

Every now and then, Wolf gets her a treat. While Bazinga won’t eat raw meat in her bowl, she has enjoyed meaty bones. So, he picks them up now and again.

He did that on Saturday.

She played with it. Tossed it around the yard, sniffed it…but eat it? Noooope. Apparently, there was too much MEAT on the bone.

It’s a good thing she has people.

Bazinga out in the wild wouldn’t survive, unless there was a wild herd of kibble running amok in the forest.

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She’s Just Not Right — 4 Comments

  1. Too funny! I love how animals have their own little quirks, just like furry people! I’ve known a few dogs who would never make it in the wild and it always makes me giggle. She’s lucky to have you!

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MommyMeetupMondays! Can’t wait to see what you have to share next week!

    • She’s honestly the best dog we’ve ever had. My perspective on a ‘good’ dog is one that is fantastic w/the kids, and we couldn’t ask for a better family dog than her.

      She’s just hopeless when it comes to any sort of brain activity 😛

  2. She sounds like our cat, Mr. Bigglesworth (Biggie). Biggie literally will NOT eat any human food. If hubby is making a meat sandwich, our other cat, Jennette, will come in and cry until she gets a little piece. If you give Biggie a piece, he will sit there and look at it until Jennette finds it and makes off with it. He DOES like cat treats and cat food, and I think he might like wet cat food a bit, but that’s it. Biggie is, like Bazinga, not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Biggie LOVES people (hubby is his favourite) and likes to spend most of his time with them. But he also enjoys bugging Jennette. They are both fixed, but he apparently has not figured that out – and then Jennette goes into a corner where he can’t follow (he’s a big cat; she is petite) and he tries to “dig up” the floor to get at her (fortunately he has not damaged it). I told hubby that Biggie’s idea of “hunting” for food is that he hunts for a likely-looking person and sucks up until he gets fed 🙂 We got them both from the shelter so we don’t know what the previous history was.

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