Scenes From Our House II

Talking with Wolf last night.

He mentioned that a buddy of his, and buddy’s wife were going on a business trip, and staying in a hotel overnight.

Wolf suggested that buddy send wife into the bar, and ‘pick her up’.

Now, I’ve thought of doing that, spice up the marital love life.

But, as I explained to Wolf, I just can’t trust him to behave.

He’d either sit at a table, drink beer, and wait for me to make my way over, or something equally goofy…definately not the role playing, “Pick up the woman in the bar” idea.

I don’t know what’s worse…that it occured to me that he’d be a dink, or that he burst into uncontrollable giggling and agreed.


Boo went for a check up last Monday.

Ped asks, “Is he smiling?”
Boo burst into a huge grin, and waved his fists.

Ped asks, “Is he ‘talking’ yet?”
Boo cooes at him.

Ped, smothering a grin asks, “How’s he doing w/advanced calculus?”
Boo burps and spits up.

Ped says, “That’s how I felt about it too!”

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