Puppetry of the WHAT?!

puppetry of the what


One of the reasons that my marriage works is that my husband never bores me. He comes out with…unexpected…ideas, thoughts, conversations.

Last night, completely out of the blue, *this* conversation happened.

Wolf: Yanno, I don’t get the whole, “Puppetry of the Penis thing.”

Imp: *blink* “What?!”

Wolf: “You know, that show, on stage.”

Imp: “I don’t evenĀ want to know why this came to mind.”

Wolf: “I mean, what guy gets so bored on a Saturday night and decides to play dress up with his penis?”

Imp: “I have no idea of its dress up, Mr. Potato Head stuff, or origami. AndĀ I don’t want to know. We’re so NOT talking about this.”

Wolf: “Seriously though…how the heck did that work? ‘Hey, let’s play with our penises, on stage, and people will pay MONEY to watch!'”

Imp: “Why are we still talking about this? Personally, I feel bad for the camera guys. Try explaining that job to a date.”

Wolf: “Can you imagine someone going to the show, or finding it on youtube, not knowing what they were in for? Do you think they’d realize what they were looking at, at first?”

Imp: “I’m not looking it up. FORGET IT.”

Wolf: “What do they do for an encore?”

Imp: “Alright, I’m outta here.”

And he snickered at me.

Yes, my husband brings up conversations like that just to get my reaction. He claims that teasing me is great fun.

And I’m still not going to google to see if there’s anything online.


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Puppetry of the WHAT?! — 4 Comments

  1. One time I was driving in the rain and read the bumper sticker in the car ahead of me. “Proud to be a Union Pipefitter”, it said, but the rain distorted my vision and I thought he was a union puppeteer. So much more fun!

    We like Potter Puppet Pals on YouTube. Forget the penises, watch Potter!

    • It was a few years ago, I can’t even remember how many.

      Frankly, these days, it sounds like a reality tv dating show. Like, the Bachelor, but with brown chicken browncow music.

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