Potato Salad Fundraiser?!!

Potato Salad?!

Having myself a moment

OK, Imp is having what some Southern friends kindly refer to as, ‘a moment’.

I just saw the article about a Kickstarter fund-raiser for making potato salad. Goal, $10.

They’ve now raised *goes and checks link* $38, 496.


The terms, ‘disgusted’ ‘appalled’ and ‘gobsmacked’ apply here.

I’m not even going to touch the ridiculous nature¬†of the original issue, raising money for potato salad. I actually read the link to find out if this was some sort of weird nickname for a charity of some sort, and no such luck.

What REALLY frosts my cake, toasts my bread, and has me foaming at the mouth enraged?

When folks donate almost FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to something like this, but when someone is trying to raise money to help cover funeral costs for a teen killed in an auto accident?

Couldn’t even break a thousand.

Seriously, folks…what does that say about society? About our values?

Donate to something as ridiculous as potato salad, but ignore a child’s funeral.

Stop the world.

I want to get OFF.



For anyone interested, Zac’s Heart was the fundraiser I’m referring to.¬†


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