Popcorn Trauma

“It’s the little things in life.”

How often have you heard that? Me, I’ve heard it plenty. And, it’s usually used as a way to point out to be grateful for the little things, to stop and smell the roses, appreciate the small, wonderful, beautiful things in life all around you.

And, that’s awesome, and true.


It’s ALSO true that it’s the little things that will drive you right. round. the. bend.


Last night, for me, it was popcorn.

Popcorn. Yummy, crunchy, salty, buttery goodness.

Popcorn. Yummy, crunchy, salty, buttery goodness.

It started out innocently enough. We’re sticking to a budget, and one of the things I’m doing is trying to eliminate impulse purchases. Like snack food. We have popcorn in the house, and an air popper, so we don’t need other snacks, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I asked Diva to make popcorn. The girl has a special touch. It’s always buttered and salted *just right*. Not soggy, not too salty, just perfect.

All was good. Until…

“Mom…I can’t find the part to the popcorn maker.”


And yep, sure enough, this was all she could find.

There's something missing...

There’s something missing…

The clear plastic spouty thing? With the vents on it, and the removable cup that supposedly will melt butter while your popcorn is popping, but never actually does, so you have to melt the butter in the microwave? You know, that vital piece of plastic that keeps popcorn from shooting all over your kitchen? Yeah, that. That’s what’s missing.

We looked everywhere. Every cupboard, every drawer, places there’s no Earthly reason why a part of a popcorn maker would be, (Yes, including the bathroom. I do have toddlers, after all). Nada. No dice. It vanished, like being sucked into a worm hole, or stuffed into a timey wimey thing by a Time Lord. Gone.

And, an amazing thing happened, when it became apparent that popcorn was not going to happen tonight.

What do you mean, no popcorn?!

What do you mean, no popcorn?!

I lost my freaking mind.

Suddenly, popcorn wasn’t just a, “Gee, I feel like having a snack, popcorn will do.” The moment I knew there was no way I was having popcorn, it became a NEED. “POPCORN! POPCORN! POPCOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRNNNN!” I may or may not have wandered around my kitchen chanting that. Maybe. Might’ve. Possibly.



Popcorn became an I GOTTA HAVE IT! the moment I knew I couldn’t.

Am I the only person that does this? Is this an Imp thing? That, as soon as I for sure know that I can’t have something, I GOTTA HAVE IT, RIGHT THIS VERY NOW?

I can’t be alone on this one, can I? That when you find out that something just isn’t going to happen, it takes on a value it didn’t have before? Be it concert tickets, or shoes, what seemed like, “Yeah, that would be cool.” becomes, “I NEEDED THAT!”

Wolf doesn’t get it. He shrugs, and finds something else. Me, I’m stuck on wanting that mouth-watering buttery salty crunchy goodness.



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Popcorn Trauma — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh I’m the same way! For some reason, knowing I can’t have something makes me need it ASAP. I’m the same way with being told I *can’t* do something. Then, I have to. It’s like some crazy unstoppable reflex. My mind just will not rest until I get the thing that is impossible and in the meantime I’m gonna be one cranky mama! So good to know I’m not alone!!

    Thanks for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays

  2. Even though Brian never eats my leftovers, I still write my name on the box…you know for clarity. I grew up in a house of eat it or lose it. Damn…I totally have a blog post brewing now. Thanks!

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