Playing Head Games

Now, I’m known to be the boringly faithful sort.

And I am.

Except when it comes to messing with a person’s head…in which case, all bets are pretty much off. At least, when I get the go ahead from their spouse.

Playing head games, even when it’s not with my own spouse, can be highly entertaining. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m totally evil or anything. It’s just for giggles.

(Ok, tell me I’m not the only person that now has Foreigner in my head? Just in case you’re not familiar, here you go:

You’re welcome)

Granted, the poor husband has no clue how serious I may or may not be, which adds to the giggle factor…

Last night is a perfect example of what happens when the perfect opportunity arises, and I get to unleash a bit of my twisted mind on a friend’s husband.

First, her husband posted this picture on Facebook, wondering what kind of demented woman he was married to.

playing head games

Now, in her defense, my friend Julie not only makes different costumes/clothing for American Girl dolls, but when the opportunity arises, rehabilitates them too.

Personally, I’m surprised it’s taken him this long to notice the rather creepy aspect to doll repair, but I suspect Julie does her magic in the dark of night, accompanied by her bubbling cauldron of who-knows-what, because, frankly, I’ve seen the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics, and magic is as good an explanation for what she manages to do as any.

But back to messing around with her husband.

Julie’s husband:  “Now every time my wife picks up a spoon, I will have to wonder what kind of sick and twisted thing she is going to do with it. When I looked over, she looked liked a zombie that was going to eat this doll’s brains with a spoon.” 

So, my twisted brain kicked into gear: “Am I the only one having flash backs to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?” You guys know what I’m talking about, right? The scene in the dining room, with the monkey brains? 

But of course I wasn’t finished there…

“All I can think of is that if he pisses Julie off, all she needs to do is lick a spoon with an evil grin…she can do it in a room full of ppl and they wouldn’t understand why he suddenly passed out…”

Then genius really hit:

“Just had the BEST Hallowe’en idea. Doll head, filled with red Jello. And you could squish the head down a bit so it made a slurping, sucking noise when you peeled the scalp back…”

Julie’s husband was more than a wee bit disgusted with my creativity, but I think it’s a brilliant idea for Hallowe’en. Or just, yanno, a boring Friday night sometime, when Julie wants to have a little fun squicking her husband out. Really, the possibilities are endless. It would TOTALLY be a hit at a family reunion! Or just when in-laws come to visit.

Oh! Get a spoon straw…you know, the kind they have for those crushed ice drinks? And SLLLUUUUUURRRRP up the Jello! That would be even better! Toss a gummy worm or two in there….

I could seriously have a lot of fun with this idea. Maybe I ought to offer some classes, “Perfectly Legal Ways To Torment Your Spouse” or, better yet, “How To Ensure In-Laws Don’t Visit Frequently”

I could make some serious money here…

I’ve always been warned about using my twisted mind for good, and not evil. Would this be skating too close to the edge?

It’s probably a very good thing, at least for Julie’s husband, that her and I live in different countries.

A very good thing indeed.

*evil grin*

If you’re curious about the magic Julie does, either with her incredible sewing skills, or her rehabbing of dolls, you can find her at her facebook page, “Up Owl Night Crafting” or check out what she’s got available at her Etsy store, Up Owl Night Crafting


(And no, there’s no compensation or affiliate link or anything in it for me.)



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Playing Head Games — 2 Comments

  1. Somewhere I have a brain Jell-o mold. I would happily lend it to Julie, or you, for any nefarious purposes you might come up with. I’m sure you’d come up with plenty ideas if you did just a bit of brainstorming.

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