Parenting: Getting It Right

Dig, dig, dig...

Dig, dig, dig…

Every parent I know worries about screwing up their kids. I think that’s normal. It’s the folks that are certain they’ve got this parenthood gig nailed that worry me.

I’m not immune, not by a long shot. In fact, I think that because we homeschool, I’m even MORE freaked out about screwing them up. Am I teaching the right things, both academically and morally? Are we doing enough, too much, not enough? Will they be leaders in whatever field they choose to venture, or will they be manning the drive through all their lives, asking, “You want fries with that?” Will we have positive, healthy relationships when they’re adults, or will they be spending quality time with mental health professionals?

That’s the thing with parenting. You just don’t know. You do the best you can, and you pray. A LOT. Because, by the time you get an idea of how successful your parenting has been, your parenting days are over. And there’s no ‘do overs’ in this gig.

But…every now and then, something happens that makes me think that I may not be completely screwing up this parenting gig. I might be getting it right. Or at least, partly right. Half right? Well, whatever I’m getting right, it’s a huge blessing.
We have a neighbour. She has a wee baby, I’m talking, tiny wee baby.

We’ve been getting a fair amount of snow, and her husband was at work. I happened to glance out my kitchen window, and see my neighbour out there, with her baby bundled up in one arm, attempting to shovel snow with the other arm. Now, I’m well versed in the one-armed gig, and I know that snow shovelling is NOT one of the things you can manage. It just isn’t. And that’s without a wee baby in the other arm.

I told the kids what I saw.

Tazzie launched out of the house like he was jet propelled. In fact, I had to send Princess out with his gloves and hat, and to tell him to zip up his coat. Diva followed him, shortly after. Between the two of them, they shovelled her driveway and walk. She needed help, they were there.

It was awesome to see.

Tazzie’s decided to keep an eye out on the neighbour’s, and keep her areas shovelled when her husband is at work.

Now, granted, his deliberate massacre of snowmen gives me pause, but I think this kid may be alright after all.

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Parenting: Getting It Right — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds like you are doing alright 🙂 How great that your kids sprung to action and their instinct was to help. I know it’s so hard not to worry about how they are going to turn out, are we doing it right and hope we are raising good people. I worry about this so much right now!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jen!

      I think every good parent worries. Nature of the beast. A friend who’s kids are grown informs me that you still worry once they’re grown, LOL

  2. *sniffle* I think I have something in my eye. Lol that was so sweet of your kids to do. They’re thinking of and doing for others without being prompted. I’d say you’re doing just fine. 🙂

    • Awww, thanks Tach! The cool thing is, Tazzie’s kept shovelling their drive whenever he’s out doing our sidewalks. Unasked, I didn’t even know he was doing it, until one of his sister’s commented on it, so he wasn’t doing it for praise, or brownie points. That kid may not end up in jail.

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