Open Letter: Dear Idiot

This post contains an image that some may find upsetting. No gore, naughty bits, or anything, but it does involve a damaged vehicle from a car accident.  

Dear Idiot,

You don’t know me. I don’t know you. For that, be glad, because you’ve seriously ticked me off, and if I *did* know you, I’d want to verbally rip your throat out. I want to ask you, “HOW DARE YOU?”

Do you see this?

*pic has been removed per victim’s legal advice*

Nice, eh? That was the result of you TEXTING while driving. TEXTING. Your careless, irresponsible, narcissistic behaviour resulted in a good friend of mine and her son being seriously injured. Thank God, and no thanks to you, they’re both going to be ok, albeit with a long and arduous recovery ahead of them. But alive.

I seriously do not understand, in the slightest, what the holy hades could be so freaking important, on your text message, that you just HAD to check it out while driving. Or, send one.  If it was that important, then you should have pulled over to read or respond.  There is no text, in the history of texting, that is worth another person’s pain and suffering. Or life. You’re not a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Nobody’s life was hanging in the balance of you reading their text, or sending one. Checking your text message wasn’t an emergency…but by doing so, you sure as heck created a life threatening emergency for other people, didn’t you? Was it worth it? Was it?!

This isn’t the first time texting and driving has resulted in the harm of someone we know. Several years ago, Wolf was working for a company that took care of roadside maintenance. He left the job over the winter, and one of the reasons why is that, despite all the safety precautions used, he didn’t feel safe. Too many drivers, he felt, weren’t paying enough attention.

That summer, on the site that he used to work at, where he would’ve been working if he hadn’t left, a young man was killed. A woman drove through the signs, the road pylons, and ended up pinning him against the work truck. She was texting…and didn’t know she’d hit anything until the truck. The sudden stop made her look up from her phone. She didn’t even realize she’d hit the young man.

Texting while driving has become such a dangerous issue that even car companies are warning about it. This video from Volkswagen went viral not that long ago. It mentions that ‘mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel’ Guess you didn’t see it…or thought that it didn’t apply to you.

As far as I’m concerned, texting and driving should carry the same penalties as drinking and driving. You are making the choice to endanger other people when you text and drive, just as when someone drinks and drives. It should carry the same serious legal penalties.

The idea that your text is simply *that* important that you’d risk your life, and everyone else’s on the road is completely and utterly baffling and repugnant.

For a text message, you’ve irrevocably changed the lives of my friend, her child, and everyone who knows and loves them.

For a text message.

A freaking text message.


Please, folks, pass this message around, if you would. This message desperately needs to get around. Please don’t text and drive. No text is worth the pain that’s been caused in these families.




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