Nursing Home Lothario?

I was telling Wolf, with Diva listening in, about an article I read, how a doorman was once asked by an elderly woman if he knew where any vampires were. He looked at her, and she grinned, licked her dentures and said, “Cause I’d like to get me some!”

Wolf and Diva were equal parts amused and grossed out.

I said to Diva, “Yeah, that would be me, in about 40 years.”

Diva turns to Wolf and says, “Well, now you know what you need to do when you and Mom are old. Get a vampire cape.”

“Nah, Dad hopes to be dead by then.” I answered.

Wolf says, “Yep. I do. Or at least in a seperate nursing home, so I can fool around. Diva, you can just tell Mom I’m dead, ok?”

Nursing Home Honey?!

Nursing Home Honey?!

Nice. Nice family I have. Not only does my husband plan to be a Nursing Home Lothario, the Lover of the Lonely Old Lady set, but he’s asking our daughter to aid and abet his lecherous ways. And of course, Diva takes one look at me and agrees to his nefarious scheme.

After all, as she points out, she has to stay on his good side.

He’s the one that can teach her to drive.

Nursing Home Lothario

No, it’s not Bazinga, but it’s a Bordeaux, and a PINK car!

Diva points out, however, that she’d agree do it anyways. For her own evil pleasure, of teasing me.

Nice. Niiiiiice.

Just they wait. *I* do the majority of the Christmas shoppng around here.

Coal, I tell ya. COAL for them!

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