New Years Red Head?!


Sometimes, I just don’t think things through. Ok, a LOT of times I don’t think things through. Which may explain the number of kids we have, but I digress.

My hair needs to be dyed again. Now, we normally do this at home. It’s cheaper, for one. BUT, last spring, I decided that I’d cough up, and get it done at a salon.

And what a freaking disaster that was.

I got in the truck, and Wolf asked, “I thought you were getting your hair coloured?” “Uh, I did.” Then I looked close up in the mirror, and holy old cheezits, there was a whooooole lotta…blonde…*cough* grey *cough* that they completely missed. Turn around, go back…and I ended up with my hair THREE different freaking shades. Seriously, I looked like some weird hair parfait thing going. Not. Good. Especially given that getting your hair coloured is NOT a cheap undertaking. Bah.

See, the reason I decided to pay for it to be done is that my poor husband, the long-suffering Wolf, colours my hair for me. Has been for most of our marriage. It started out because my hair was almost to my waist, and you just can’t manage that all on your own…or at least, *I* couldn’t.

Then the whole one-armed thing hit, and forget it, I needed him to help for the whole shebang, not just help me finish up.

And Lord have mercy, does hair dye STINK.

But, he does it, because he loves me. And, hey, my hair being coloured isn’t a bad thing for him either, looks wise.

One thing I’ve never been fussed about is what colour my hair is, as long as it’s not three different freaking shades.

So, since he looks at me more than I do, I let him pick out my hair colour. Just not a big whoop for me, honestly, and if I were to hate something, well, we can always colour it again.

He picked out red. Now, I’ve gone red before, not a big deal. He likes it. But this time? Holy old cheezits. We’re talking RED. RED, RED, RED. Not sexy Corvette red, or stoplight red, but RED none the less.

new year's Red Head

That’s some SERIOUS red…

I’m a wee bit nervous on this one.

Red is an attention getter. Hard to fade into the shadows with this shade of red.

I’d feel a lot more comfortable with this shade of red if I were about, oh, I don’t know…half my current weight? Ok, not half, but a considerable amount lighter. I’m not sure I have the right attitude for this colour red.

I guess we’re going to find out.


New Year Red Head

How sexy is THAT?! Yes, Diva took the pic. *sigh*

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