More Scenes From Our House

scenes from our house

Home, Non Stepford Home!

As we’re all aware, The Non Stepford home is far, far, FAR from normal.

Take the following two scenes:

Scene One

Diva, just to yank my chain, decided that explaining the facts of life to Cubby would be a good idea.

Yes. Facts of life, to a one year old.

“Well, you see, Cubby, it all starts when…”

“Diva, shush!”

Tazzie pipes up, “…when a Mommy and Daddy love each other veeeerrrrryyyy muuuuuch…”


And they laughed like loons. 

How is it they only manage to cooperate when playing the life long game of, “Get Momma”?

Scene Two

Diva is helping me out with supper tonight. Part of the prep is removing sausage meat from their casings. I showed her how to squeeze it, rather than cut the casings off.

“This is sooo gross!”

“Actually, Diva, it’s a pretty good visual of how your digestive system works…”


“Well, it is…”

“MOOOOOOOOOM! I’m making supper here! Quit grossing me out!”

So, I contented myself with making farting noises while she squeezed the sausage.

Which, really, sounds potentially worse than what was actually happening. Squeezed the sausage. To farting accompaniment.

Apparently, I have the sense of humour of an adolescent boy.

And I’m OK with that.

Please remember Zac’s Heart. Friends of the family are raising money for funeral costs for this 17 year old boy. They are facing a parent’s worst nightmare, and are already heart broken. Friends are trying to do everything they can to see that they’re not financially broken as well. Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

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