Miss Me?

Didja miss me? Didja, didja, didja?

Yes, I took the last two days off blogging. Long weekend here in Canada, so my days were filled with massive housework, since Wolf was home to do all the heavy, two-handed duties, and a trip to the beach, a first for the youngest Minions. I’ll do up a post about that experience once I remember to grab the pics off Wolf’s cell phone.

I like to tease Wolf about having Shrek like qualities. He can be growly and intimidating to those who don’t know him, and a complete┬ásnuggle bunny to those he loves. (Heaven help me if he ever reads this. Describing him as a snuggle bunny might get me couched for a long, long time. The ‘Shrek’ part he’s kinda proud of, LOL) He’s the kind of guy that would totally get stuck with a talking, irritating donkey, threaten to eat it, and then protect it against all outsiders. While threatening to eat it.

Apparently, Terror Toddler has some Shrek like qualities too…even though it’s not what I expected.

Miss Me?

Shrek feet

Ok, so it’s more, “This is what happens when Princess leaves her paints down and Terror Toddler can get ahold of them.” than actual inheriting ogre skin from his Daddy, but you know, I do have a blog to write, dang it.

And, for the record, that pic was taken *after* much scrubbing in the tub. And howling. Terror Toddler loves the water…just not when it’s coming from the shower head. He shrieks like the tormented souls of Hades the entire time the shower head is on. Unfortunately for him, (and our long-term hearing) being coated with paint means a shower.

So. How was *your* weekend?

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