Mischief Managed!

The other day, I discovered that Cubby didn’t have a diaper on, under his Superman onesie.

I won’t give you the details of why that was discovered, but let’s just say there was evidence, and leave it at that.

Of course, the evidence was on my couch. Thank God for leather.


I speculated on the blog’s Facebook wall, that either I was that sleep deprived, and snapped his onesie up without putting a diaper on him at the last change, or Wolf had done it.

I went with it being Wolf’s fault.

However, it didn’t end there.

Because I asked Wolf, and he swore he’d put a diaper on him.

And then I discovered a diaper in Cubby’s crib.

So, he’d managed to get his diaper off from under a snapped up onesie.

I wonder if Houdini’s mother had these problems?

Wolf’s decided that Cubby is an ‘intellectual savage’. Smart enough to plot against us, but savage enough to be hell-bent on destruction and mayhem.

And that’s when I got confused.

Oh, not by the term, or even objecting to it.

I mean, Cubby’s bent for creating chaos out of nowhere is a well-known and established fact at the Non Stepford House.

No, I was confused because I couldn’t figure out who to blame.

Was it Wolf’s fault, or mine?

I came to the inescapable conclusion: Cubby is OUR child.

Wolf has the ‘savagery’ aspect. That’s clearly from his genetic contribution. My ability to cause chaos is completely limited, as physical accomplishments has never been my forte, even before RSD hit. ‘Klutzy’ is an appropriate term. I once tripped and fell, falling on the edge of the concrete sidewalk and giving myself a nasty bruise that lasted for WEEKS, while playing tag with Wolf and the kids. Seriously. All I did was look over my shoulder, then turn to run straight. My top half was still turned when the feet started moving, and BOOM! Down I went.

Savagery for me is getting into a debate I feel strongly about. That’s the extent of my abilities.

Wolf, however, had rock fights as a kid. Set fire to a field once. Clearly, chaos on a large-scale is his dominion.

But…plotting? Carefully crafting a plan, then setting it into motion?

That’s kinda me. A little bit. Wolf’s more of an impulsive, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda guy. Wicked smart, but not the most patient guy.

Me? Yeah, I plan. And have several back up plans for the plan.

Together, we’re a fantastic team.

But, both those qualities in a TODDLER?!

We’re so screwed.

In fact, here’s one of Cubby’s plans in the happening:

See this shirt? It’s Tazzie’s favourite. So, Cubby, with a full on mischievous grin, decided to wear it.

Yes, that is Tazzie in the background, unaware of what his brother is wearing

Yes, that is Tazzie in the background, unaware of what his brother is wearing

Then, once Tazzie wasn’t yelling about his baby brother wearing his shirt anymore, off it came.

Mischief Managed 2

Mischief Managed 3

Mischief managed.

Now I know how Mrs. Weasley feels…and am so grateful Cubby isn’t a twin.

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Mischief Managed! — 4 Comments

  1. These are probably exactly the sort of problems Houdini’s mother had to put up with, but think about what you have to look forward to in the future. When he was a teenager Houdini got a job. On the way home he’d hide the money he made in his hair, then he’d say, “Shake me, mother, I’m magic.” When she shook him the money would fall out.

    That’s the sort of thing I can imagine Cubby doing as he gets older, only it’ll be more chaotic and destructive. Or, as I like to call it, HILARIOUS.

    • Bwah hahahaha! “Shake me, mother, I’m magic.” LOL!

      It’s always more hilarious in hindsight. Or, seeing someone *else’s* kid do these things. When it’s your own, it sometimes takes a while for the funny to emerge, LOL! You’re too busy trying not to have a stroke.

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