Love Is Action

I was asked recently, if I agree with the statement, “Love is action”

Yes, absolutely.

I’m not talking physical action. To me, ‘action’ = ‘effort’.

If you love someone, they should feel like you love them, and if you’re loved, it should feel that way, and the only way for someone to know that they are loved, is by action.

It’s in the way you speak. With respect, kindness. It’s in listening. It’s the million and one things that you do in a day, a week, with that person in mind.

It’s not just romantic love, it’s love, period.

Everything I do, has my family involved, because of my love for them. The choices I make, the opportunities I pursue, the ones I allow to pass by…all guided by my love for my family.

Wolf shows his love by action. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s not the romantic type, at least what novels and songs and poems say that romantic is. His romance is going to several different stores, looking for the right ice cream. It’s getting up with the kids in the morning, helping them with their school work, while letting me sleep. It’s throwing in laundry, mopping the floors, and making sure to pick me up my favourite coffee when he’s in town. It’s the laughter, the teasing, the quiet moments of reading side by side.

Love is forgiving one another when things aren’t right. It’s working together to make them right, or at least, ‘righter’.

Love is what keeps me going, when things seem their most bleak. When things are hard, it’s love that has me putting my head down, and pushing through.

Love, without action, is no better than not loving at all. It’s just empty words, that ring hollow.

Thinking of your actions in terms of love can make mundane tasks feel more valuable.

Explaining, for the 10,003rd time, how long division works to Tazzie? Love.

Up in the middle of the night, with a toddler who’s diaper has blown out? Love.

Insisting that yes, you do need to wear clean clothes, zip up your jacket, pick up your room to my Minions? Love, love and love.

Looking at my actions through the lens of love, I feel grateful, and humbled, and blessed. That this husband, these children are here for me to show my love to, and to receive love from, every day.

How have you shown love today?

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