Long Weekend

The long weekend is over, and life now resumes its normal chaos.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

After a massive house cleaning on Saturday, we took the Minions to the beach on Sunday. It was the first time for the youngest two.

Boo *loved* the beach, to nobody’s surprise. He loves water. Sand was a new experience for him, and he was delighted to stand, ankle-deep in water, and throw handful after handful of wet sand into the lake. (Forgive the crappy pic quality, neither Diva nor I remembered to bring a camera, so were stuck w/Wolf’s cell phone. Which I’d never used before. But, at least my thumb wasn’t in the pic. Which is better than what Wolf takes.)

Cubby? Well. He hated it. Obviously.

Long Weekend

No, I don’t know what’s with the tongue.

Diva had herself a bit of a moment, however. One of the downsides to being the eldest in the house, and being taller than I am, is folks assume that she’s far older than she is. They also tend to assume that she’ s the mother of the Minions, especially the youngest two.

However, Diva was unprepared for being assumed to be The Wife.

As she puts it, a woman was checking Wolf out, and gave her a look that Diva describes as, “You have something nummy there!” and grinned at her.

Diva had the willies for the rest of the day, breaking out in the ‘icky, icky, poo-poo’ dance, complete with hopping from one foot to the next, flapping her hands around, and screeching, “EWWWW! He’s my DAD! He’s OLD! He’s FORTY SOMETHING! EWWWWWWWWW!”

I’m seriously thinking of making this girl a shirt. Maybe, “Not The Mom!” on the front…and ‘Not The Wife!” on the back?

And we’ll be having a nice loooooong discussion on what, exactly, is old. And that ‘forty something’ sure as heck isn’t it.

Which may or may not have anything to do with my birthday on Saturday. But forty something STILL isn’t old.

Rotten kid. Sheesh.

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