Life Outside The House

Life outside the house. Is there one? Sometimes as a homeschooling parent, I wonder.

That’s usually about the time my husband, ‘Wolf’ finds me with my nose pressed against the front window, muttering to myself.

“Ok guys, Mom needs to go out!” he’ll announce to our minions.

Usually, it means grocery shopping. With a crew our size, food is always needed.

As an additional bribe/reward, we always stop for coffee on our way home. I run on caffeine.

The challenge, however, really comes in when we look at extra curricular activities for the minions.

Diva, our teen daughter, is probably the hardest. She has the whole teen persona honed to a fine art. Essentially, this boils down to anything we suggest being rejected. So, we have to plan, plot, and subtly brain wash her into thinking it’s her idea. Then, you know, it’s her very life’s passion, she can’t live without it, and will DIE if ___ doesn’t happen. Which is how she joined Air Cadets.

The current challenge is skiing. As in downhill.

I initially was campaigning for cross country skiing. I’ve done it myself, and enjoyed it. Even more importantly, I didn’t break anything…which, coming from someone as accident prone as myself, is quite the recommendation.

Downhill skiing makes me nervous. Strapping strips of fibreglass to your feet, holding pointy sticks in your hands, and hurdling down the side of the mountain…well, it makes me nervous. I believe the scientific, medical term is, ‘heebie jeebies’. Especially when you consider that there’s usually an ambulance on call as well.

Just…no. Not this girl.

Wolf, however, has skied. And wanted the kids to give it a shot. Add in the opportunity for some serious budget friendly ski packages offered by our local homeschool group, and it’s a go.

Diva, however, was reluctant. This reluctance turned to full on mutiny when she discovered that her weight would be required for the ski rental.

At the height of the discussion, she contemplated breaking her leg prior to the first day of skiing.

As the proper, rational, paitent adult I am, I responded, “I don’t care if I have to strap you down on a piece of plywood, and send you down that mountain myself, you’re going!”

(We don’t save for post secondary studies around here. We save for therapy.)

So, first lesson is on Wednesday. Hopefully it’s not followed by a first ride in an ambulance, followed by a first appointment with an orthopaedic specialist.


The ski lesson was a success! Nothing was broken, no medical care was required, and they had fun!

Heaven help me…I may become a ski Mom.


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