Laptop Go Boom


I originally planned to do a follow up on the Holiday Hell post. That WAS the intention. WAS being the operative word.

Then Diva left her laptop unattended this morning. On the kitchen table.

Cubby, who is absolutely on his way to taking over the title of Terror Toddler, if not the world, decided to try a physics experiment. Namely, can a laptop fly?

The answer folks, is a resounding NO. Laptop no fly, laptop go BOOM.

Laptop go BOOM

Laptop go BOOM


So, I’ve just spend the last several hours on the phone, and online, pricing out replacement laptops. If it were just a ‘fun’ thing, I wouldn’t bother. However, since she does use it for her online school, its a bit of an issue not to have it. Awesome sauce.

I’m hearing conflicting things: most folks are telling me that I may as well buy a new laptop. One place has suggested that since it’s only a year or so old, the hard drive SHOULD be ok, and therefore just the screen needs to be replaced. Hmmm. $700 or so for a new laptop, not including data transfer, or $25 diagnostic to ensure that the hard drive isn’t dead and everything works, then about $200 to replace the screen.

Downside is, repair will be at least a week to get the parts.

Upside is, Wolf is less likely to have his head explode over a $250 repair than a $700 replacement.

My head, however, is already set to explode.

At least if it does, I won’t have to worry about laptops, or cleaning up the mess afterwards.

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Laptop Go Boom — 5 Comments

  1. Must be the week for it, Princess tossed Almost-Husband’s laptop off the couch…then pulled off a bunch of keys and apparently somehow got juice on it. Toddlers and their “experiments”, huh? Hope you can find a solution that doesn’t cost a fortune!

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