Just Like Daddy

“Just like Daddy!” That’s something I hear a lot of. Every now and then, I’ll remark to Wolf that apparently, my role in our children had nothing to do with actual genetic material, he’s able to basically clone himself, and just needed someone to grow them for him.

And it’s true, to an extent. The boys all look like their Daddy. Comparing pics of Wolf at that age, with Tazzie, Boo and Cubby? You’d think I had some nightmarish fashion sense (what the heck was with all that plaid in the 70s, anyways? Blech!) but would easily mistake it for any one of our boys. They’re all stubborn like him, (yes, like *him*. Not me. I’m simply…determined. Whole other aminal.). Every single one of them, even Diva, gets that mischievous grin and twinkle in their eye when plotting. Usually against me. Which, of course, is why they get it from him, either genetically, or learned behaviour. I would never plot against me the way that they do.

Out of everyone, Cubby looks most like Wolf. Dark eyes, dark curls, cleft in his chin…he’s a cutie, if I do say so myself. His personality is still evolving, so I was holding out hope that he might have a bit more of my temperament. You know, quiet, serene, peaceful, happy-go-lucky…

Ok, I couldn’t even type that without cracking up. But, I was hoping that he might exhibit something that I could point to and say, “He gets that from *me*!” I can do that with Diva, and do…which makes her a bit nuts. No teenage girl wants to be told she’s like her mother…which makes me do it all the more. She’s a teenager, and I have to get my moments of making her crazy in where I can. Turn about is fair play, after all.


Cubby is learning to walk. He’s walking more and more, getting bolder and bolder. Not hanging on to anything most of the time. I’ll admit, the urge to push him down has happened. Gently, mind you…but just to stall him for a bit. Maybe some weights for his ankles? We discovered on the weekend that, when he wears a diaper in the wading pool, it becomes so water-logged that it throws him off-balance, and he keeps falling over. That might be an idea…

So. He and Wolf were out in the backyard tonight after supper. Cubby was toddling all over the yard, Wolf hot on his heels. Back and forth, round and round, until it was time for a bath.

This was the scene that greeted me, about an hour later. Apparently, he was exhausted from trundling around the yard.

Another Daddy clone

Another Daddy clone

And so was Cubby.

Yup. Just like Daddy.


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