Josh Duggar: Not A ‘Teen’ Mistake

Warning: the topic discussed today may upset or trigger sensitive readers.

InTouch Magazine ran a story about Josh Duggar. You can find the article, including the police report here

Here’s what is known:

When he was 14, he molested five girls. That’s how many is known, anyways.

I’ve read that four of them were his sisters, as young as four years old.

Josh admits to this.

His parents consulted their church, and sent him to help a family friend do remodelling work. He never received counselling, therapy, nada.

When a police investigation happened, his parents refused to allow police access to him.

Statute of limitations at the time was three years. Police weren’t alerted until FOUR years after, by the producers of the Oprah show, who received an email detailing the child molestation history.

Some claim Jim Bob went to the police after sitting on the knowledge he’d molested a girl for a year. What he actually did was get a family friend, who was also a State Trooper, to talk sternly to Josh. The Trooper, by the way, is now serving 56 years in jail for child pornography. Sounds legit. /sarcasm

Apparently, Josh apologized to his victims, and they forgave him. All is well.


First of all, he preyed upon his young sisters. This was NOT a situation of young toddlers or preschoolers playing Dr. He molested siblings while they were sleeping.

Those that try to brush this off, focusing on his age at the time, calling it a teen mistake, and ‘do you want to be judged by things you did as a teen?’ make me sick to my stomach.

This wasn’t getting caught drinking under age. This wasn’t shop lifting. His behaviour was that of a predator. His first victim reported what happened. Jim Bob talked to him. Wasn’t going to happen again.

Then it did.

It wasn’t that Josh didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. It was that he was allowed to get away with it.

His parents, instead of protecting their daughters, protected the molester.

Do you really for a moment think that the victims had ANY choice but to ‘accept’ his apology and ‘forgive’ him? Given that the Gothard sect puts blame on all things sexual on the females involved? That Gothard followers are taught men are to be revered, women are to serve?

Do you think any of Josh’s victims had a hope in hell of having ANY safety at all?

Do you think any of his victims received any counselling, therapy, or support to deal with being violated by their brother/friend?

People are asking why this is coming out now.

My thoughts? Two of his sisters are now married, either have a baby, or expecting one. They are no longer under the Duggar Dominion. For the first time, they don’t have to follow the edicts of their parents. They have husbands, who come before parents, in accordance with the Bible.

I strongly suspect that one of his victims, or someone who was close to the situation, be it one of his sisters or not, is finally in a position to speak out. Finally feels safe to do so. And, that Josh has young children, two of them girls, no doubt worked as a catalyst.

I’ve seen people ask why this wasn’t sealed. There was nothing TO seal. He was never charged. There is no juvenile record to seal. Remember, that whole statute of limitations thing.

I’ve seen people cry that Josh is being persecuted. That he’s repented, God forgives, and so should everyone else.

Really? Would you have him babysit your young daughters? Granddaughters? How about help out in a daycare or church nursery?

I mean, he deserves forgiveness, right?


God forgives. Absolutely, have no doubt. But at the same time, you don’t allow a child predator to have ready access to a victim pool. Forgiveness is great…but protecting the innocent is the obligation of everyone who has children in their lives. And it’s something that his victim’s parents failed in. Horribly. Deliberately. Willingly.

Here’s my thing: Josh should have been PROSECUTED. He wasn’t.

Josh is a predator. He preyed on children. Siblings.

And he got away with it.

The ‘court of public opinion’ is basically the only sort of consequence left. I’m hoping that more victims come forward and report him, and there will be a case where the statute of limitations hasn’t run out. That there will be some justice served.

Because I have a hard time believing that a predator, who started so young, didn’t continue.

Hopefully I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. God knows there’s more than enough damage that Josh has wreaked with the victims we know about.



For those asking about the Gothard connection, this article talks about it…and interestingly enough, mentions something that sounds *exactly* like what happend w/the Duggars…and that the victims were blamed for being molested for being ‘immodest’

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Josh Duggar: Not A ‘Teen’ Mistake — 14 Comments

  1. Amen to that! ….his false sense of entitlement led him to take on a prominent, public role that condemns various groups, all while hiding these skeletons in his own closet. That right there shows how poor his judgment is! Parents are hypocrites (do as I say, not as I did)…and he is living what he learned. I hope TLC takes a stand on this one and drops them.

    • What bothers me most? That there was no protection for his victims. His sisters still had to live with him, nowhere safe to turn. Even when someone spoke out, nothing happened. Thankfully TLC has dropped the show now.

      I wonder if that will end up being the girls fault, at least in the home.

  2. I am so utterly horrified by thoughts of what the girls may (or may not) have been told about this. They are in a culture where they are supposed to embrace modesty so as to not tempt guys. Do they worry that they tempted him? Did anyone assure them that he is the total jerk that he is? Did the culture of purity they live within make the whole thing a gazillion times worse for them, or did they have people on their side, to assure them that they are not at fault here – not one, eensy, teensy bit. What did it feel like to them to be on a television show with him, to listen to him be praised all that time?

    I remember the confusion I felt as a kid in a liberal, progressive church being encouraged to forgive the kids who bullied me. I can only imagine what confusion might arise in trying to balance the whole love-forgiveness-etc, in this context.

    Part of me really hopes TLC takes a stand and drops the show. On the other hand, in some ways that seems like blacklisting the whole family. The parents are definitely at fault. (Though I suspect that family members helping to hide family member abuse is probably pretty common.) I don’t know how the girls really feel about being on the show anyway, but I wouldn’t want it to be where because someone spoke out about them, their family loses and they get blamed or feel responsible.

    • TLC has dropped the show.

      My best guess, having done some reading about Bill Gothard’s teachings, is that the girls were taught to be ashamed, and were not in any sort of therapy, help, and learned that speaking out got them nowhere, but possibly negative repercussions. After all, he APOLOGIZED. And he’s male, therefore, to be respected, period.

      I honestly can’t imagine it was even allowed to be mentioned. They forgave him, that’s the end of it. No doubt, it was pressured, about how unChristian it would be if they didn’t etc.

    • Thank you for your comment, Darla!

      I’ve heard ppl talking about the shame and humiliation the victims must be enduring now. This enrages me.

      NOBODY but Josh should be ashamed. The victims were innocent.

      I’m NOT saying they don’t feel that way…and, to me, that’s absolutely part of the problem. Being sexually assaulted is NOT, and NEVER IS, the fault of the victim. We, as a society, NEED to make that message be heard. We need to embrace it, scream it from the rooftops.

      No victim should EVER feel shame for having been violated. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.

  3. I am so thoroughly disgusted with all of this. You hit each point precisely and well. Just because he was a teenager, NO!!! Teen boys grown up knowing right from wrong and don’t molest their sisters and other little girls, predators DO!!!

    He slung mud at the LGBTQ community and SCREAMED that our children were not safe, yet I have successfully raised an amazing GAY daughter who has NEVER HURT a fly let alone been a molester….. (She practices Buddhism)

    As for the parents, I hope that they, are investigated, I hope he and his children are investigated. Child services should be knocking on their doors!!!!

    The victims, oh my goodness!!!!! Heartbreaking.


    • Incest is one of the very basic taboos. There’s simply no way that any rational person can attempt to brush this off, excuse it, or defend it.

      Religion, imo, has NOTHING to do with it. I don’t consider the Gothard sect to be Christian. I consider them a cult, heavily weighted against women, and providing an environment that sexual assault is not only tolerated, but encouraged and endorsed.

      Given that Bill Gothard himself has been investigated for his behaviour with young women, how can it not be?

  4. I agree, it could be 20 or 50, maybe his own kids my now. I have a family member that went to prison for looking at child porn on the internet. Every time he got out, he did it again, and again, continuously. He broke probation so he went back repeatedly. It is not a desire that is cured by prayer. He was removed from his home and has no physical contact with his kids, only phone calls. The victims need support, not the perp.

  5. It seems neither the victims or the perpetrator got what they needed. If your child is ill, you do whatever you can to make them well. This should be no different for all involved. Also trying to spin it into a “God’s forgiveness and mercy” thing bothers me. Sin is sin. In what world would a loving and just God use little girls innocence to teach adults a lesson about mercy. And like I said yesterday…forgiveness doesn’t = fixed.

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  7. Excellent post! I’ve enjoyed watching this family grow but now I’m disgusted that it was not reported in a timely fashion and the “counselling” wasn’t professional. God may forgive but that doesn’t condone what he did and what his parents failed to do.

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