It’s Probably NOT Broken…

probably not broken

So. Time for another ‘Impism’. As I mentioned in Scrambled Brains, and Held Hostage By Deer, an ‘Impism’ is something that could only happen to me.

I had a good night. Went to bed, and slept through the night. Wolf camped out on the couch, just in case one of the Terror Toddlers woke up, but they slept through as well! Wooo hoo!

Today was going to be a good day!

And then it happened.

Still in my footie jammies, I slipped on my sandals. I use them kinda as slippers, for going outside.

The wooden desk was covered in frost.

I got one foot on the deck…and was briefly airborne.

My bad arm whacked into the metal edge of the door frame.

*Note to self, rubber soles + frost covered wood = bad idea*

When I was able to breathe again, Wolf helped me up. He asked me if I thought it was broken.

Frankly, I have no idea.

Pain isn’t an indicator of anything when you have RSD.

It’s swollen, painful, and any contact feels like I’ve been nailed with a cattle prod.

Well, what I imagine being nailed with a cattle prod would feel like, anyways. Excruciatingly bright bolt of pain that has me seeing spots and wanting to throw up.

But, again, I have RSD. I’ve felt like this before.

If it was my good arm that did this, I’d go get an xray.

Bad arm? It’s probably NOT broken, just RSD having fun.

I hope.

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