It Aint No Sharknado

it aint no sharknado

I’m in a swirling vortex of puke and poop. Pukepoopnado. I’d rather deal with sharks, but this aint no Sharknado. I expect a HAZMAT team to show up, with flame throwers any minute.

In other words, the two youngest Minions are still sick.

Last night, i was taking a tentative sigh of relief, since nobody had thrown up in several hours. Maybe we were finally finished.

Murphy laughed his evil, evil laugh, and proceeded to unleash the vortex.

I found myself, at 230 am, hosing Cubby down in the tub. Some things diapers just can’t keep up with. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Of course, he was wide awake after that. I comforted myself with, “Well…the puking seems to be over.”

Until I was crouching down in front of him, trying to coax him into laying down on the couch.

And he puked. Hosed me. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Got him cleaned up, again, and then went to clean myself up. And got caught, nekkid, by the toddler. Who laughed at me. I kid you not.

First he pukes all over me, then he spies on me while I’m changing, and freaking LAUGHS at me.

If I were slightly more paranoid, I’d think he’d done it on purpose, and that’s what he was giggling about.

He didn’t, right? RIGHT?!

So, he finally settles down and crashes around 4am.

Then Boo woke up.

I’ll spare you details, but at least Wolf was greeted by a fresh pot of coffee when he woke up.

Now I’m just counting the minutes until nap time. *yawn*

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