I’m Baaaack!


Been a while, no?

Yes. Yes it has.

So, I’ll give you a quick update on what’s gone on in the last 15 mths or so.

Cassie, our Great Pyr x Akbash is no longer w/us. RIP, Cassie.

We have a new dog, Bazinga the Bordeaux.

We moved last winter.

I no longer have a gallbladder.

Jack the Cat is no longer w/us. RIP, Jack.

We have a kitten, Stitch.

Boo is no longer the youngest member of the clan.

Welcome Cubby, as of June, 2013.

That’s pretty much the major events, in order of happening.

Still married, still riding herd on the crew, still homeschooling, still one armed.

And now, trying to get back into blogging. Be patient w/me, and I’ll do the best I can to be a better blogger!

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